Sunday , January 17 2021

European Space Agency plans to launch mining for natural resources on the Moon

The agency announced on Monday that it has signed a one-year contract to find mining regolit with European aerospace company Arian Group, which is also known as moon soil or moon dust.

According to the Aryan Group, water and oxygen can be removed from the rigolith, possibly in the future, it is easier for humans to spend time on the moon. This research also made it possible to produce rocket fuel on the Moon, which enabled future moving space to move forward in space, the aerospace company said.

In a statement, the director of human and robotic exploration of the EUA, David Parker said "The use of space resources can be a key to sustainable lunar exploration."

Regolith is a loose surface surface that covers the surface of the moon, which is rich in iron oxide. And it is possible to extract large amounts of oxygen trapped in rocky material of the soil, scientists say.

"This study is part of the ESA's comprehensive plan to partner Europe in global research in the next decade," said Parker.

This mission will be a collaboration between aerospace scientists and technicians in France, Germany and Belgium. The project is in the research phase now, scientists hope to use the Arian 64 rocket to send mining equipment to the moon in the coming years.

This announcement was done on Monday with the moon's eclipse, which treated the Sterjajors all over the world red super blood wolf. This project is part of a huge effort to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first step of human beings on the Moon.

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