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Fortunate Phishing Trophy Map Locations – Prior to Mein Trophies Week 8 Challenge | Gaming | Entertainment

The Games for the Fort Night Developer Epi released weekly challenges for Week 6 on week 6.

The Epic Games is being released by seven bouts royal each week challenging. Weekly challenges are available free of charge and the other four challenges are for the pass-users only.

These challenges are divided into short and normal rates.

Strong difficulties Fortunit Net players are challenged by 10 battles.

Earning Battle Your Level Pass Stars level, how to unlock all of the rewards you offer.

You can unlock a secret Battle Star following the hint that you have completed all of the challenges and found on the hidden loading screen.

Tasks for players dancing in front of different fish troupes challenges season 6 and eight weeks.

Fish trophies can be found at various competitive locations. You need to visit seven locations to complete the challenge and get paid.

Gracy Grove can find the fish trophies in the natural store. You can see somewhere else in a damaged building in Tilt Towers.

There is a big cabin in the Lonely Lodge in the Retail Role Story.

The bottom floor of the house in the Faultal field is the fishing boat (on the top of the TV), at the southern end of snowballs and the office of the dust division.

The game will let you know that if you approach the trophy and perform the dance, the challenge will go a step further.

Saturday 6, Friday 8 challenges …

Free Challenges

• Step 1: See LoLi Load and Retail Row in a single match (2)

Dance with fish in different names Dance (7)

• Six shooters or heavy asymil rifle elimination (2) (hard)

Martian pass challenges

• Get 3 scores in different terracotta shoots (3)

• Get track points in the vehicle (250,000)

• Single Match (4) (Hard)

• Step 1: Use a grappling hook (1) (hard)

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