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Good news: Getting rid of a snack late night can be more important to get enough sleep to lose weight

Do you want to maintain healthy weight?

Take the time to bed as soon as you do not get as bad as bad thoughts.

According to peer-review research published in the online journal BMJ, Nutrition, Prevention, and Online Journal, maintaining a distance of two hours from day to day and bedtime with a long-term difference in the level of blood glucose among healthy adults, health.

Studies published by two Japanese researchers suggest that instead of waiting for two hours before eating and / or sleeping, people may be better off concentrating on getting more sleep rather than avoiding diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

This research indicates that instead of avoiding diseases such as diabetes and heart disease waiting for two hours before sleeping, people can be better off concentrating on getting more sleep.

This research was conducted by Professor Chouori Haga, a PhD nursing student at Okayama University in Japan, Su Su Mau and Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Okayama.

He wrote, "Sleep sleep disorders and sleep deprivation are related to unhealthy eating habits and dirty glucose therapy." Changing sleep habits are more related to obesity than the two-hour window, found research.

Mao and Haga analyzed data from 2012 to 2014 with no original conditions associated with diabetes in one city in Okayama Prefecture for 1,573 healthy middle-aged and older adults. Two thirds of the sample were women and two thirds retired more than 65 years old.

Researchers also saw how much smoker people are, their level of physical activity, weight gain at the age of 20, whether they have a quick or slow style, alcohol consumption, and snacks. They did not find any link between the supernova / snack and bedtime and the two-hour distance between the increase in blood glucose levels.

He warned that his findings are correlated and do not talk to cause and effect.

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Avoiding eating two hours before going to bed is considered a long-term good for long-term health. In fact, last year a study published by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health concluded that those who ate 9 o'clock in their evening meal. Or wait 20 hours after reducing the risk of breast or prostate cancer by 20%.

But other studies support the theory that late-night snacks are not always bad. 30 minutes of protein on muscle quality, metabolism and overall health seems to be taking 30 minutes of protein, which is a separate study published in peer-reviewed British Journal of Nutrition in October.

This study was conducted by Florida University's Associate Professor of Nutrition, Food and Exercise Science, Michael Ormsby, and former University graduate student Samantha Leah.

The participants of this study were actively involved in young women in their initial 20s. From bedtime, they ate 30 to 60 minutes of kate cheese. Orbby and Lehe said that this was one of the first nutrition studies where participants used full food in opposition to protein shake or some form of supplement. Orbbyby said, "It gives the nutritional and nutritional options of people who go out of the powders and scarecrow bottles."

Some precautions for late-night snacks: Americans who keep tabs on their weight can do better looking at the clock. According to previous research carried out by the NPD Group of Market Research Research Company, after 8 minutes in the evening, sweet snacks such as candy, chocolate and ice cream peak. Breakfast, vegetable slices, or peak of fruit such as "Good for you" breakfast, a little bit of tasty and sweet snacks at the same time.

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