Wednesday , January 20 2021

Googler obviously confirms that the Android Q will have a system-dark dark mode

Google is constantly taking steps to support dark mode in most of its Android applications, the secret is not. Last year, we've seen many parts of YouTube, phones, contacts, messages, pixel launchers, Google News, Maps app, and got a more solid, less retina-searing, more battery-friendly theme. After hoping, the Android pie system-dive will bring dark mode, then it will not be disappointed that it was not, everyone was cautiously optimistic that Q would eventually become "those". We might make 90% sure, but we did not want to get our hopes up. Now, we have more reason for the dream, so let's say we can guarantee it to 95%.

In a post on Chromium bug tracker – All Locations – A Googler (Lucas Zebbut) states that:

Dark Mode is an approved Q feature […] The Q team wants to ensure that all preloaded apps originally support dark mode. To successfully carry the Dark Mode, we need all UI elements to be the ideal constituent of May 2019.

He pointed out that the Chrome team should ensure the setting inside the browser to enable Dark Mode and modify the core UI elements corresponding to this theme (Omnibox, Overflow menu, Tab Switcher, etc …). He also said that the main setting for Dark Mode would be: Settings -> Display -> Dark Mode Q. (Although it points later Display -> nightmoid, So we're not sure what setting it will be.)

There are many links to internal Google documents that we can not access, but it shows that Dark Mode is a serious solution to the Android booth. And finally, there is a small mention that works on modifying the Chrome-loaded content (Read: the webpage you browse) is not part of this project, but it can be seen later.

The only warning here is that this Chromium problem was earlier than October 31, and since then there's a lot to see. The plan may have changed. Google can always change its timeline if it sees that not all apps are ready for dark mode. We can see system-wide dark setting from the first developer preview at the beginning of the year or we can wait until Q's public release. If the plans change, we will have to wait longer. But what is the confirmation that itshappening.gif; If not now, sooner.

Awesome Hula, Android Q is hitting Qt Credits: our hero image hero, Ryan Hager.

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