Tuesday , January 19 2021

Hasidha Healthcare Investigation: 2 doctors who care for the unprotected woman who gave birth to the child are on the facility in the Phoenix.

Two physicians, who took care of an unsupported patient, who gave birth as a result Sexual assault Now there are no jobs in Phoenix medical facility, CBS affiliate KHHO-TV reports. One resignation and another has been suspended Hesunda Healthcare.

A 29-year-old woman, who is a child suffering from a drowning problem, has been a patient there, she gave birth to a baby on December 29.

Hasidha Healthcare said in a statement: "Once again, we apologize and send our deep sympathy to the client and his family." "Hasinda wants to do everything possible to restore its credibility at every level in the eyes of our patients, families, communities and our agency partners."

KHHO-TV notes that staff in this facility were unaware that the woman was pregnant and Ironically, the 911 is called When she started giving birth

Sexual assault blazes to police investigations – including the collection of DNA samples from male employees working there. Hacienda CEO resigned The story broke after the KHH-TV. An interior Investigation Even Maricoca County has been launched under the leadership of a former attorney.

The police gives warrant to all the male employees at Hashimanda Healthcare to get DNA

The station notes that Hasina is not licensed by Healthcare Aerio. According to Will Humble, former director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, the facility is "exemplified, especially through the law."

State Sen. Heather Carter is one of the state's representatives, which shocks an emergency law to remove the law from 1996-1997, which allows Hasidida Healthcare from state licenses, KPH-TV reports.

Writes the station, Arizona has ordered the facility to find a third-party manager and the CEO has agreed.

How the woman gives birth to a vegetable state asks the public for help in the investigation

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the woman's family said she was not in coma as reported earlier. The Arizona Republic reported on Friday that attorney John Micheles had said that the woman has "significant intellectual disability" and can not speak but capable of creating some dynamics, noise, and facial gestures.

Phoenix Police has disclosed a little more information about the incident as a sexual assault. San Carlos Apache tribe officials said in a statement on January 8 that a tribal member gave birth to a woman in a coma.

The woman, who was not publicly identified, was described as CBS affiliate KHH-TV as being in vegetative state, where she spent many years. Michaels told the newspaper "Contrary to what is important here, it is a person who, despite significant intellectual abilities, has feelings and is able to respond to those people he is aware of."

911 Cholera gave birth to a woman in the state of the moment

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