Monday , August 15 2022

Here you can see the launch of a Saturday morning rocket from Washington


Photograph of NASA.

Northrop Grumman's Antarrus Rocket will start at 4:00 am on NASA's Voloop Flight Facility in Virginia on Saturday. Cygnus cargo spacecraft will be carried to the International Space Station.

Volpos Island is driving for about three and a half hours from Washington and is near the Chankotech island Large-scale rockets like the Anders are usually only twice a year. But if you dare to wake up in the morning, you can see the launch from here One minute after the launch.

"From anywhere in the Washington area you can see the eastern horizon in the horizon, you can see it" Keith CoharlarNews Head of NASA Walapatus. When the sky clouds down, it is necessary Lifted open spaces or elevated elsewhere give an unobstructed view. "The weather forecast is clear with the sky today, so if you're like the National Mall, I get to Lincoln's Memorial Area – I've shot the photos that I've shot in the past," he says.

NASA has a look at whether your views are effective Website With a compass showing mobile users if the rocket is facing the right way to view it. The Gaulle Point Park to see the flight from Washington National Airport, Ronald Reegon, can look beyond the scene of the rocket. Fort Renault Park in Tenitote is the highest point in Dc and should allow rocket visibility to the east.

ALICE MONEY, Co-Founder of Friends in Arlington Planetary, utilizes urban development to view Togod.

"The window footer on the tallest building, a roof in the south-east (a park deck), will likely increase the risk of a rocket," she says. However, Mona has warned that admission to such places will be difficult during the launch. So make sure their rules are to be notified in advance.

If you have problems with 4 o'clock on Saturday morning, you can see a stream of lounges NASA TV.

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