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Here's why NASA's Insight Mars & # 39; Boring & # 39; Will take on the part

Here's why NASA's Insight Mars & # 39; Boring & # 39; Will take on the part

Illustrating an artist from Elisabeth Planitia, where NASA's Insight Lender touches on November 26.

Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech

NASA is a few days away from putting its robotic geocentric, Mars Insight Lander on the surface of the Red Planet – but if all goes smoothly, much more can not be seen to enjoy the Explorer.

On the $ 850 million plan, scientists have been very careful to target that they wanted to touch the lender, settled on the elites-shaped section of the Alicium Planitia, which was a huge volcanic plane located in the north of Curiosity Rover's house.

When determining where to place the lender, the team has considered two key criteria. The first is safety. Landing at Mars is always a challenge because of the lesser atmosphere of the planet, so insight wants a patch of flat land to reduce the risk of a three-footed robot's touchdown.

The second factor is science. It is especially important that the landing site meets the team's research needs because the insite is a lender and can not move itself around the Martin surface: where they will learn the land.

This means that a place capable of incorporating Insight's resources, especially those investigations that will ham down 16 feet (5 meters) below the surface to measure the underground surface of the Earth.

Other obstacles included hot and sunny enough to keep Insight Electronics happy, and its two large, circular solar power arrays made enough energy to carry the robot.

With the initial menu of 22 potential landing sites, the Insight team decided that there were only three very strong candidates, and out of them, Alicia Plantia was found to be extremely discontinued, in which the lender was badly hurt without numerous rocks or gusts of wind. And so he landed himself on Mars, the Insight team, drawing 81 miles (130 kilometers) long and 17 miles wide (27 km) wide angles for the spacecraft to arrive Monday.

Everyone walks well during the crucial 6 minutes of entry, lineage and landing, insight obscures its solar array to dry the sun afterwards, then its devices are unpacked to start cracking the internal secrets of Mars.

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