Monday , March 20 2023

How to change beta feedback based on Fallout 76


The bet on 76 is a beta test. Bethesda released some of the edits that have already been planned on the basis of the experiment. Some tweaks are more technical in nature, causing others to face unexpected bugs. Bethesda explains why some suggestions do not intend to be implemented.

In technology, the company intends to support 21: 9 displays after post-launch. A Field of Flowers Player will not be implemented, however, indicating concerns about the breakup of the animations and the creation of the clipping. The PC players have requested a Push-to-Talk option for voice chat, and the studio tells us about adding this feature. They promised that some common social menus and friend features were directly interacted with and would make a lot of improvements in the future.

Bethesda says, for the gameplay, the Stash plans to increase the size. Weight and easy to handle in the range of 400 to pass the size of the star, we plan to increase it in the future, "he said. Reported that some of the beta players will not starve the bar niraverrillenn, it is correct to say bethesda. Finally, the greatest appalakhiyaykk cartridges or other loud sounds near you As soon as the incident was solved.

These are the most important issues facing Bethesda, but the company is clearly seeing Fallout 76 as a ongoing project. A Open letter of fans Prior to Launching the beta, it was just the beginning and the help needed to find bugs and help build everybody.

Fallout 76 is definitely proud of the franchise's continuous relationship, but there are some concerns about the void that it creates. When you launch the full game, you have another picture. An in-game store added in beta has also been added, which is a complete indicator, but does not allow purchases.

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