Thursday , January 21 2021

Huawei launches Kunpeng 920 chipset for servers

Huawei makes most of its money by selling telecommunications equipment. But it seeks new ways of development like consumer electronics and cloud computing. Huawei hopes that the Taiwanese server will boost the best business.

Technology Giant has worked with Intel for many years on its semiconductors for servers, but Kungpeng 920 is closed from ARM architecture. Zu said that Huawei would continue his relationship with Intel but he would opt for the best option for every use case.

"In the past, Huawei and Intel are a long-term strategic partner, now and in the future. Relationships between Huawei and Intel, however, we have a difference in our structure of computers, although our products complement each other. We will use Intel in CPU areas where they have more Performs well, and uses ARM-based CPUs in areas like Cloud and Servers where they are more Ra is, "Zu told CNBC.

Chinese technology companies have taken extensive steps towards eliminating American technology, especially semiconductors. Huawei has greatly slowed its own chips in smartphones and servers and is hopeful that with the latest addition to its portfolio, it will become one of the top cloud players on the planet.

"We hope that, together with our partners, our cloud service will be built, one of the world's top five cloud services," Zu said.

The top cloud players in the market are Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Alibaba, according to Market Insight Company Synergy Research.

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