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Israeli Israelite to buy ammunition for NIS 1B on ground forces – Israel News

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Israeli soldier checks his weapon in the field of Kissupim crossings.
(Photo credit: Amir Cohen / Reuters)


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The ministry of defense will buy ammunition of $ 1.25 billion of ammunition from LBT systems by 2030 for IBF's land forces, the ministry announced in a statement on Sunday.
A five-year contract with Elbit to begin a multi-year contract with the Ministry will begin in 2026.

Albeit Systems has recently completed the acquisition of Israel Military Industries (IIMI) for NIS 1.8 billion, in which NIS has agreed on display targets with an additional payment of 100 million in the IIM meeting.

In January 2017, the IIMA signed a multi-year purchase agreement with the Ministry of Defense for the NIS 1.75 billion ammunition systems by 2025.

According to the ministry, the agreement is part of the IMI's Privatization Agreement, which aims to transfer the company's plant from the Ragat Haresh to the Beka Valley along with other items to ensure the success of the national nation.

The wars will be built on the new plant in the next decade in the next decade, subject to the current order.

This is the purpose of renewing the shares of various ammunition stocks for the infantry units in ground forces in the order of 1030 years as a part of the procurement program, which results in 2030.

"This agreement is a win-win for the army and the state, as it ensures the continuity of the war supply for all ground forces units and supports the national flagging process of moving the IMI plant to the Negev," AVI Daddy, Head Directorate of Production and Procurement, The Defense Ministry said in a statement released on Sunday.

Declaration of the agreement occurs during public space between the General and Defense Ombudsman Major-General. (res.) Yitzbek Brick, who claims that the IDF is not ready for war.

In June, reporting to her safety cabinet and the Netset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, she alleged that the current situation in IDF was worse than that of Yom Kippur war in 1973. Brick's criticism was largely rejected. IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General. The train, Eisenhot, who commented that the military is in a high position of preparedness for the war.

Brick has criticized military vehicles and emergency storage units, which is crucial for supplying reserves to soldiers during the war.

IDF Controller Brig-General in December (Riz.) Ian, who had conducted a 45-day investigation into the issue of IDF preparations raised in Brick's report, rejected his claim.

According to the loss, there has been a significant improvement in the land forces that are "clearly ready for the war." However, he noted that the land forces have barriers which have been ignored over the years, including the maintenance of the IDF's emergency warehouse. And the quality of infrastructure and training, as well as ammunition.

Former head of the IDF's Central Commander Major – General. (Rez.) Missouri, who also served in the investigation committee with the loss, said that to reduce the current barriers to Israel, IDF's annual budget will have to add $ 2 billion to the army.

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