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Just eating cutting can not reduce weight


Just eating cutting can not reduce weight

According to a new clinical trial, weight loss is not just a fairy tale. The key to weight loss is to find low carbohydrates and high fat fats.

Of the 164 adults, a weight loss rate, high fat and high fat burns burned more daily calories. On average days, her body consumed more than 250 calories per day over 20 weeks. The carbon embedded in them was strictly limited.

For more than three years, the researchers estimated the weight of a 20-pound weight gain at an average height.

"The study's rejection of calorie-cut cache is of traditional thought," says veteran researcher Dr. David Ludwig said. She is the co-director of the New Balance Foundation Obstetrics Prevention Center at Boston Children's Hospital.

Instead, the source of that calorie may make your metabolism vary "Whether you or you will work.

Dr. According to Ludwig, these findings help in the theory of "carbohydrates insulin sampling".

Increasing insulin levels, increases insulin levels, consuming some calories in the body and collecting more fat.

"Our study suggests that if you pay attention to lowering refined carbohydrates than reducing calories, our study suggests that you will do better," Ludwig said.

He and his colleagues informed the inquiry conducted on November 14 at BMJ.

A number of studies have been conducted for answering the question of whether fat or low carb will help reduce body weight. Often they are not a little different.

But these studies, Dr. Ludwig, said, "Generally conducting studies are happening, or people may get together with their food.

So people used "feed studies" to carefully control what they ate.

First, 234 overweight and obesity adult were recruited at the "run-in" phase. By 10 weeks their weight dipped 12%. Their diet was low-calorie, containing a moderate amount of carbons.

In that group, it weighed 164 and moved into the next. At least 20 weeks of giving them a carbohydrate, a moderately carbohydrate car, or a high carb diet.

Vegetables, fruits, beans and carbs are less than 20% calorie. About 60% of calories, including meat, milk, cheese and nuts, have reduced fat. The remaining 20% ​​of calories come from the protein.

People in the high carbohydrate plan have changed this situation. 60% calories and 20% fat. A modest plan divided into 2 nutrients equally equivalent to 40/40.

After 20 weeks, the low-carb the group powered more calories. With an average of just over 250 people per day, and 111 more than a moderately car group.

The researchers did not find it to lose more weight. Instead, each individual had a calorie intake. The results of the different food on calorie burning were zero, said Dr. Ludwig explained.

Professor of assistant professor of endocrinology, metabolism at the University of Pennsylvania Anesthesia Amaro says, "Study design is very intelligent."

Dr Amaro, said he did not include in the study, but said that the disease was cut when the patients were already trying to lose weight.

With these findings, she said, that confidence increases her confidence.

However, Dr. Karate's diatribe used in this study is not ready to translate a "direct translation" to the real world. Amaro said. At 1 level, it is not clear whether the key was carbus.

"This is a high fat diet". Amaro pointed. "Is this not carbohydrates, fat, or both?"

Big Q: What is the nutritional value of such a diet?

Big A: Dr. Ludwig says healthy. It provides fruits, pulses, and a limited range of vegetables. It has no cereals and does not add sugar.

Dr Barnes believes that more research is the best way to lose weight. Ludwig has agreed. A recent experiment is that he and his colleagues combine very little carbon content, high amounts of sugar, high amounts of sugar and high carbs / high sugar.

Great Quiz 2 & 3: Healthy Weight Can currently lead a little carbohydrates and high fat food into their body more calorie?

Big A: "That's a good question, but this study does not answer it."

Eat healthy food, stay healthy, and live on

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