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Kazakh trade in the Russian rocket, Falcon 9: What is the reason – Techno 24


Казахстан проміняв російські ракети на Falcon 9: у чому причина - Техно 24

Kazakhstan and Russia collaborated with each other, and the two satellites KazSaySat and KazistiSat were launched, but Kazakhstan decided on a Russian rocket. American rocket Falcon 9 Space Xcl is the priority.

It was reported on Tom.Card.

On November 19, the launch of Kazak's moons.

The Speaker of the Defense Ministry and Speed ​​Ministry, as announced by Asset Narknow, will be launched in Vancouver, California, on the Beyoncour Cosmodrome.

"This decision will be subject to economic considerations," he said. Falcon 9 will be cheaper for aerospace industry.

There is another reason for this solution – the reliability of the Russian carrier rockets.

What is FALCON 9? The rocket is in the category of Falcon class. The number of engines in the title 9 rocket is indicated. The Falcon 9 was first launched on June 4, 2010, and has since been subject to two considerable changes.

On October 11, 11, a Soyuz rocket collapsed at the start of the day with two cosmonauts in the body. Two spacekeepers have made an emergency landing in Kazakhstan. The missile was launched on November 16.

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