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Latest NXT Call-ups: Will They Work?

On Monday night there was one of several times that the WWE has sparked huge changes and has delivered … well, not so much. We're getting more McMahons at the Row and SmackDown Live. At this point, complaining about it is useless. It is his company, and he is still some of the few who are known under some form of WWE contract. We can not even pick it up, but there are some people who are crazy MacMahon. We can do whatever we can to help them be used efficiently and maybe even help to create some new stars.

(I was afraid someone would write me about McMahon this week, and that's a paragraph that I've got.)

Speaking of new stars, we found out that some NXT talent would go to the main roster! Now this is the part that I find interesting. One of the most ripe aspects of the current WWE production is how Nax wrestlers get infected. Basically, most people die on the vine because management and creative do not know what to do with them. Most of the talent known from NXT make a few notes on the roster for the first few months, as long as they do not catch up with anyone or take note of them until they are fuzzy.

That's too much talk. NXT fans complain about how their favorites are used on the main roster and wants them to return to Orlando. Meanwhile, their favorites earn more and dream of working on the entire planet for a brand synonyms with Pro Wrestling. However, even if it has not been used and the fanatical fans do not get any matches, this is not the worst way to live life.

If WWE is a serious matter to change things, then XT T will be used for their full potential for call-ups. Who are they? Well I can fill you there …

Lars Sullivan

We already know that Lars was on the road as the hottest agent in WWE. She was hypered for a few weeks now, and why it's easy to see when you see that person. As he says, it is a strange nature. Lars Sullivan looks and performs like you do not see too many people.

You know the person named Lars Anderson and Kevin Sullivan, they have big plans in the store. I know people were excited at some message board posts made by Lars Lars, but we become honest. Political people are not more aggressive than posting young lars, while supporting the WWE saying on a regular basis. By telling me some readers will call me firing, but I only speak the truth. If we can not convince the politicians for their various reasons, then we can not blame the young Lars Sullivan for them. There is no hatred towards this man in my mind, and there is nothing better than that.

All this has been said, I have to prove more to the child before putting him as the best in the business. I can call him as a child because he is only 30 years old, so smaller than me. Anyone younger than me is a kid, which is good news for all these NXT call-ups. That's bad news for me too.

Man is a physical specimen. He will get a chance.

Lacey Evans

Those of you who are familiar with my work are not surprised that Lacey is one of these call-ups that I have watched. Even if I can not hold every NXT episode, I still see any YouTube clip with Lady of the Universe. I first noticed it during the Young Classic in May. He has everything that WWE management probably wants. She is a military. She is golden She is amazing. What more do Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn want?

I think Evans has the most enthusiasm of any person I will talk about this column. It's obviously influenced by NXT management. Who has watched the WWW for more than years of remembering me, I know Evans checks out all their boxes. There is one more box that does not care for them, and also checks them out. She is good in the ring.

There is skyline for Lacey Evans. I have said that it has not changed since I first saw it. People want to tell me that has Wins hurled Alexa Bliss after choosing to build giants? Well, Lacey is a beautiful blonde who was in the marine. Her real life story is very good that she should have a heel because otherwise people will envy and cure her.

People will be mad, but Lacey Evans is a real deal. She has no objections against her other call-ups, but before this point she had many obstacles. She has worked her whole life on her donkey and she earns what she receives. I hope he will win the championship as much as possible.

Heavy machinery

You must love two big all & # 39; hos, right? Their combined weight is around the 650 pound mark. Tucker Knight and Otis Doszow do not circulate around anyone, it's sure. They are all about the steaks and weight, and who do not? They may be a fun team for years which looks like fun cats.

The main downside? They are the tag team! As much as we all love winging tag team, we know that it is not a priority for WWE. You probably remember what happened to your favorite NXT tag teams.

American Alpha: When Jason Jordan became the son of Kurt Angle, it happened very little, then broke.
Revival: Beat Roe 25 by DX and Baller Club and everyone felt that it meant big things ahead. It's not yet
AOP: Drawer Paul Alluring "I Wear My Paint" Maverick in favor of Drake
Ascension: LOL WTF
Vaudvilens: One was fired and the other remained with Rusev for awhile.
Sanity: Are they still there? Well, they actually did something this week so that's a chance you're saying.

I have not been buying a tag team coming out of Nax for a long time, no matter what it is. I hope these people prove me wrong, but I can not see them emerging from the vanishes that the NXT tag team goes to the main roster.

Nikki Cross

Nicky has already made a major roster appearance by accepting the open challenge of Becky Lynch in the November 6 edition of Skunkdown Live. It was astonishing, as long as I did not recognize Sanita's entry music till then she did not know it. The poor boys do not have much to do after their call-ups. I mean you can not associate Nikki with Sanity and many audiences do not know better.

But if this week the SD It is a sign of things, and if Sanity is actually part of the plan to advance, Nikki needs to be on the right hand side to kill the donkey and take the name. Make them with them, and once it is appropriate, it can challenge anyone in place of Asuka, Charlotte, Beki or dust.

This will happen until all of them are hated. Hell, it puts Nikki more for its addition, which keeps the group at the top. If we are NTC If you want to add more, this is the best way to do this. I think Nikki would be anything better. She got crazy charisma about her that you can force her as a challenger every few months. It will be better if it is pushed with sanity at the same time.


A man known for the Impact Wrestling fans as Ethane Carter III, the minute that NXT Takeover: appeared on the camera in Philadelphia, we know that the trouble is on its way. After breeding in WWE's development territories and excessive foul NXT seasons for years, the EC3 came into its own when total total nonstop action arrived in Wrestling. Athen Carter III is TNA The owner was a buggy nephew of Dixie Carter, and he was considered a big deal from that moment he first appeared. Surprisingly, when people are considered to be big deals from the outset, sometimes they live in big deals. EC3 was one of the shining lights in TNA at that time.

Sometimes you need to get out of WWE to find yourself, and Drew McIntyre has found things out of his time and made himself better, EC3 began to achieve full capacity as its introducer. I think they actually helped each other with him.

EC3 Ready is a WWE Superstar that will fit anywhere on any brand. If you want to become a heel champion at any level, it can do it. It's better on the heel thing than the face of the face, but I think it can make grass on the side of the child too. They are so many like Bobby Roode that he is already a proven commodity on his call-up, and the Nax was a waste of time for him. The difference is that Rudd is six years old. However, Rhode got at least "Glory" access to music from its time with NXT. I think EC3's TNA theme was better than its NXT.

I think the EC3 route will be similar to Rudy. They can do anything basically to do with somebody who will struggle for awhile. They will swoop it in the worst possible role. Then they will put it in the tag team. I think EC 3 and Rudy will be the hell of a tag team, actually. Rudy / Gable Team Maybe they could do it after running its course.

The final idea

We all know that success in the NXT is not a success on the main roster of WWE. I can argue that this year was the most successful N XT product on the main roster, Elias, and it was popular with the NXT universe. It can be easily successful if everyone is called. They have it, as long as they do not have hamsters by people who are not something for future stars. There is no reason for somebody to dip one of these opportunities apart from drowning.

The biggest indication of change will be to advance everyone on this list with our wildest expectations. I like it. At the same time, I know the reality of the situation. If we are lucky, one or two will succeed.

If I choose to work, it's Lacey Evans. If I have to choose two, then I will add EC3. He will make some efforts to not work from WWE Creative. I like the work of Nikki's etherealism and heavy machinery, but I can constructively compromise them. Lars probably has enough X-Factor to remove it.

WWE talks about a good game about changing things. The real people they really will come down to the success of these people. If there is no big money ball player, then nothing has changed. If they do all, then the business has messed up.

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