Thursday , May 6 2021

Leaking name on the official website of the Washington DC Ouchow League league

New Washington D.C. The brand does not seem to be open for the overwatch league team, it can not be surprising after the team logo, name and color were leaked to their official website.

After announcing Vancouver their official branding during the Canak Hockey game on December 1, DC is the only team that has officially announced that they are working with.

Last month the logo of the new team was included in the logo of the Washington logo, which has become the right one on every team so far.


Washington D.C. The overwatch league team will be known as "Washington Justice", with red, white and blue team colors and shadows from the previous leak.

Leik was posted on the Competitive Overwatch subdivided by User Exchanging and another user provided a screenshot showing the Soldier 76 and Skins for Symmetra.


During the overwatch World Cup skins team USA Looks like, is not surprising because both teams use it as red, white and blue color.

We still do not know when the official DC of Washington DC will be announced, but thanks to some adventurous fans, it does not matter.

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