Friday , January 27 2023

LeBron James & # 39; s message to Kauai Leonard and why her voice is most important – athletic


Whenever LeBron James sees Kawney Leonard in the eye again – either in Los Angeles on Sunday or Monday in a free agency meeting of the Lakers or shortly afterwards in a session session at the James family home in Brantwood, nearby – it will obviously run into dirty free agency politics.

The Lakers star will not spoil the time of two-time finalists MVP, because signing in with crosstone clippers can be a bad idea, whose business and basketball brands still do stairs in comparison to purple and gold. They will not dispel Toronto Raptors in any way unbelievably, even if the ruling champions live in the elite for a long time. Not to worry about breaking Nick's, who hopes to remove Leonhard's long shot.

No, this high-level discussion of hoops which could lead to the creation of the next super team of the league will be more …

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