Monday , May 17 2021

Major Dark Web Drug Suppliers have banned voluntary sale of deadly drugs

Image by Carroll Foundation Trust

The UK's National Crime Agency has announced that due to the risks being raised by some of the major drug suppliers on the dark web, the decision to voluntarily ban the sale of dental medicine, Fantanel, Artificial Opeoids. Sellers have decided to pull their product out of their dark websites because they can cause casualties, which they believe will attract more attention from the police.

The discussion about the removal of an item, NCA's Vince O & # 39; Brian, said:

"If they are selling very risky commodities to people they will increase the risk for them. There are markets that will not accept lists of weapons and explosives – it is those who will not accept listings for Fantanel. Apparently, law enforcement supplies weapons, explosives, and Fantanel supplies Prioritize, for example, class C drugs – and that's probably why they could do this.

There are also drug users on the Dark Web who say on Forums that they do not believe that people are selling Fantanel because it is dangerous and kills a lot of people. "

Although some stores pulled from their product catalog, due to the nature of the dark web it is still available at other stores.

According to the NCA, there has been a lot of success in attracting the seller after working closely with the sale of most of the online bans sold online from China, and working closely with the implementation of law worldwide in the UK. Earlier this year, Kyle Annos of Newport, Wales, was sentenced to eight years in prison. As many as 160 of their customers who were able to locate the police, four of them already died, but it is not certain they sent Bach Anos.

For people interested in the dark web and for holding anonymous names like this, this news should come as a warning that in fact, law enforcement can track you even if you are behind security level.

Source: Guardian

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