Sunday , August 7 2022

Material Seen Over Texas, Sony Boom reported


A metallic star was found in Central Texas at 9.22. Local time (10.22 p.m. EST) Thursday. This was later seen in nearby states. The whole sky and shiny green, yellow and white objects traveled to the sky in Texas.

Many people have seen space missiles reported by Sony Boom. Some shook their windows. People in northern Texas crushed the oranges.

"From a large meteor shower, the Son of Boom seems to have burned the sky in the southwestern Austin Granada Hills, Hamildton Pool Road / RR12 and Wimbleley," said Chxasa Giles, a witness to KXAN. My son and a hunter excited about the biggest shooting star they had ever seen!

Some were disappointed that missing meteorites were missing.

"Today, I missed a huge stroke that passed through the tech late in the evening," said Des Hernandez, a Texas resident Tweeted.

Some will ask NASA if any tests are performed. "Are there any tests in one exam or two unknown pins in the evenings this or Elsewhere is not guaranteed to report outside Texas," a resident Tweeted.

The Sun is surrounded by an asteroid outside the asteroid. The particle burns down the volcano as it enters the atmosphere and produces a "shooting star". Millions of particles enter the Earth's atmosphere in the atmosphere, but sometimes this group is called emptying, combined with a mob.

Meteorides are usually very small until the comet to the bowler's size. When these particles enter the atmosphere, they break out of the heat without distinction. When they fall from 30 to 60 mile, they are at the gas and the molten particles.

Texas Meteor A meteor shower in central Texas This photo can produce a percussion production at the Rocky Mountain National Park in Corolla, August 13, 2018. Photo: STAN HONDA / AFP / Guaranteed Images

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