Saturday , January 23 2021

Meghnain Markle ignores the quote's instructions about the Thomas Marc Drama

It's almost Christmas, family, love and time for egging! And, if you are a Thomas Markle, it's time to literally complain about someone who will listen to your Daughter's daughter! Yup, Meghan Merkel's father is once again interviewing the press – and you may have noticed that he is dealing with it in a very specific manner. As such, not dealing with it.

Meghna has not publicly accepted the acceptance of many of her father's applications, and apparently this is one Choice. Queen of choice is not necessary. According to Vanity FairHer Majesty actually wanted to interfere in the situation, but Meghan did not have it.

"[The Queen] The Buckingham Palace wants that he will be able to do something and wants to advance the situation. "It was the Queen's direction, so its counselors were under strict instructions to separate them, but Kensington Palace did not sing from the same memorial, and that was because the message was coming from Megan. She did not join her and thought that she Can handle it. "



Meanwhile, there is some strain on refusing to comment on the situation of Meghna: "There was a lot of pressure among the counselors in two royal houses, and I think he has reached a point where he was suspended and you know or can not move, "The source continued.

It seems that Meghna's wishes were respected, because she is silent about her father's contradiction – even if she continues to give interview after interviewing the press.

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