Wednesday , January 20 2021

Microsoft will create a chromium-powered web browser that will replace the Edge on Windows 10

The Microsoft Age Edge Web Browser was slightly successful in its launch on Windows 10 in 2015. Edge was created from the ground with a new rendering engine called HTML, Microsoft designed to be fast, lightweight and safe, but it was launched with a lot of things. Issues as a result that users initially rejected it. Thereafter, there has been a struggle to get any traction due to the constant instability and lack of mentality of users and web developers.

Because of this, I've been told that the Microsoft Edge is throwing into a towel with HTML and instead creating a new web browser powered by Chromium, the rendering engine is the first popular by Google's Chrome browser. This new web browser for Codenamed Anaheim, Windows 10 will replace the browser as the default browser on the platform.
At this time it is unknown that Anaheim will use the brand brand or new brand or the user interface between Edge and Anaheim will be different. One thing is for sure, however; Edge HTML is dead in Windows 10's default browser.

Many people would love to hear that Microsoft has adopted a different rendering engine for the default web browser on Windows 10. Using Chromium, it means that the way Google Chrome is done in the new Anaheim browser of Microsoft should behave like websites, which means that users have similar instability and performance problems today. This is the first step to resuscend Windows 10 built-in web browser for users on PCs and phones. On iOS and Android, the same uses the original rendering engine already in the platforms, so it will not change in the next part.

Microsoft engineers recently received a huge signal to make the code in the Chromium project, suggesting that Microsoft works on its own chromium-powered browser for Windows 10.

I hope we will introduce Anaheim to Microsoft during the 19H1 development cycle, which insiders currently test in the fast ring. This is a great deal for Windows and it's one that I'm sure many people will be happy about. Microsoft's web browser will finally be able to compete with Chrome, Opera and Firefox, and those with Microsoft ecosystem will eventually get a browser from Microsoft that works well while browsing the Web.

There are still many that do not know us about Anaheim, and I'm sure we will hear this officially from Microsoft in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments.

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