Monday , September 27 2021

Microsoft's new Windows 10 19H1 test build new light theme, adds more update and print options

Everyone is the dark theme fan of Windows. Microsoft introduces a new Windows Lite theme, and a number of additional setup teams are presented by Microsoft on the new Windows 10 19H1 test builder.


Credit: Microsoft

The Windows 10 test band 18282, which runs Microsoft's fastest-growing internship on November 14, creates a new light theme that turns a light on all system UI components. This includes Taskbar, Start menu, Action Center, Tuff Keyboard and more. Microsoft adds the new default wallpaper that highlights Windows Lite as part of this new light theme. (See the wallpaper image on this post above.)

Today's build builds a problem. Some users may open some applications and file type combinations … because of the command or Win + Programs by default> Settings> Apps> Stereo applications can not configure 32 programmable programs.

Settings> Update & Security> Makes it easier to feature Microsoft Pose updates by displaying this option more directly in the Windows Update Page. Pause for a specific day, day or day. Microsoft allows users to set up their operating hours settings, which you do not want them to reboot, depending on the functionality of a device. (Users must manually change this setting.)

Microsoft adds new print options with Build 18282 and adds icons to help customers find the ones they need. Today's test build asks for the window snippy option requested for its snippet & sketch feature. (Microsoft initially enables this window snipe to generate 50% of insiders to ensure smooth rollout, blog post says.)

For a full list of known issues and without any changes or fixes, check out Microsoft's blog post 18282.

Windows 10's feature update is Windows 10 19H1. This will attract mainstream users by April 2019.

Microsoft announced that Hollow will be launched in November 2018 and will be launched in November. The renovation work will begin on October 14, 2018.

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