Monday , January 18 2021

Milky Way will collide with the Milky Way galaxy, causing the Solar System to crash into space, the report says

The nearest galaxy will slam in the Milky Way galaxy and send the Solar System, where the Earth lives, damages the space, Forbes reported, citing a journal article from the Royal Astronomical Society.

The large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a dwarf galaxy, can also wake up the dormant black hole of the galaxy, known as the Sagittarius A *, this study has said that this study has said. After this hole will destroy the surrounding gas, ten times more and high-energy radiation will spread, the report said.

But this "cosmic fireworks" is not likely to affect life on earth, unless it is already thrown into space, according to the report.

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Working with Finland's Helsinki University, according to the Astrophysicists of Durham University, this event can happen in approximately two billion years, according to Forbes report.

According to Forbes, a postdoctoral mate's leading friend in the Computational Cosmology of Durham University, Dr. "It is a very long time of two billion years as compared to the human lifespan, it is a very short period of time," says Maris Koutun.

"The destruction of LMC, as it has been destroyed by the Milky Way, will make a terrible destruction with our Milky Way, accelerate the black hole in its center and transform our galaxy into 'Active Galactic Nucleus' or Quasar.'

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