Sunday , March 7 2021

More than a thousand people are missing in California. How are they calculated here?

The death of the worst wildfires in California's history continues. Sharif, a resident of North California County, was found dead on Friday, killing more than 1,000 people. This is the shocking statistics from the previous list.

On Friday, 71 people were thrown into the fire. On November 8, Paradise and surrounding areas passed. More than 500 experts and 20 sweater dogs, wooden hills and hills are the remains of human remains.

The new list of missing people, even in broken survey, convinced the authorities, the worst questions about who was in the list and how it was prepared.

A new list of missing people is higher than the previous one. Why is this dramatic increase?

Sheriff Kori L in Bate County The deceased were Honea and Heory Holla of Beauty County.

"I have given you the best information I have now," sheriff said. "We do not have to wait long to prevent the progress."

Officials estimated that over 330 people are without proper estimates. More names added Friday.

"This is a dynamic list," said Sherif Honea. "It will drop every day and every day."

If you are sure that the sheriff has actually lost, why should you include it in the list?

This list includes people who do not know what is missing. Sheafeef Hona said that the list is safe and missing and it is being called in the office of the sheriff.

When contacted to the New York Times, Missin Neal did not know he was in Beauty County list. "There are many lists," she said. "Tracking is difficult."

Neil's family and others have reported that the system is missing a faulty system. The safety of those who are safe is not encouraged to check or help them correct it.

Any information about official statistics about the final casualties?

California has never seen such a fire. Law enforcement authorities are reluctant to guess.

Chief Reinball stated that there was no way to predict what the final numbers would be. But he also prays that it is not on the list of hundreds of people: "It must be high on that number."

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