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Mother Mia! Globes at & # 39; Rhapsody & # 39; Upsets & # 39; Star is Born & # 39;

Thunder Bolt and lighting outplayed the 76th Golden Globes, where Freddie Mercury was provoked by the biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody" to win the best picture, play on the second movie of musicians: Bradley Cooper's more heavily adapted "A Star is Bourne".

"A Star is Bourne" came as a celebrated heavyweight and Oscars favorite at Beverly Hills in Beverly Hills, Beverly Hilton Hotel, on Sunday's ceremony. But Cooper's remake went on home with just one award for the song "Shellows". Rather, the night's final two awards "Bohemian Rhapsody" – a popular but poorly reviewed play about the Queen's Frontman, is a director whose director, Brian Singer – and best actor-winner Rami Malak with his perfect body, artificial dental-assisted exhibition Mercury As

Mellek said, "Thanks to Freddy on Wednesday for giving me a lifetime of fun." "This is for you, gorgeous."

Nominated as the best actress in Lady Named Lady Gaga was considered a more specific item. But Glenn Cloze, the Nobel Prize winner of "The Wife", was also a victim of the category as the winner of the author. Met with a permanent exclamation, said that he is thinking about his mother, "who really made my father his own life."

"We have to see personal fulfillment. We have to follow our dreams," said the cleric, women are still screamed in the crowd. "We have to say that I can do it and I should have permission to do that."

It's the second globe in Clauses 14 nodes. She has never won an Oscars.

After one year after Oprah Winfrey's antagonist Donald Trump's speech at Globes, Christian Bailey was largely absent from the political ceremony, before Edm McCain took the stage to win Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his lead role in "Vice". He thanked the Antichrist.

"What do you think? After Mitch McConnell?" Junked Welsh-born actor, in reference to Senate Majority Leader. "Thanks to the devil for inspiration for this role."

Co-hosts Sandra Oh and Andy Samben held Globus open by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which included humiliation of participants and critical criticism of Hollywood. Oh Saxist Caveman represents the film's executive, which is like Damien Chasele's title of Neil Armstrong Drama: "First … man!"

"Crazy Reich has favored films with white stars in Asian roles such as" Ghost in the Shell "and" Eloha ", after which Emma Stone, who played for congratulations in" Alhoh "," keeping in mind the success of the people of Asia, " I'm sorry! " From the crowd

But oh, who later won its performance on the BBC America Drama series "Killing Eve", closed the initial monologue on a serious note why she is hosting.

Oh, attending attendees, paying attention to minority nominees, said, "I wanted to see this audience and stay here to see this moment of change here." "Right now, this moment is real. Trust me, this is true because I see you and I will see you. All these faces will change." And now, everyone else will also do it. "

Some of them wins oh well. Mohorsala Ali, who was ignored by the Foreign Press Association for the Oscar-winning performance in "Moonlight", won the best supporting actor for "Green Book". When Globes, determined by 88 constituencies of HFPA, has little relation with the Academy Awards, while it can provide some awards-seasons momentum in most of the matter. Oscar nomination voting starts on Monday.

The biggest momentum of the argument went to the "Green Book", the International Way of Peter Ferryi passed through the early '60s, which struggled to hold the box office, when it came under rigid criticism of relying on ethnic tropes. He won the best film, comedy or musical and best screenplay. "If Don Shirley and Toni Valelonga can find the common ground, we can all do the same," said Ferrelli, a director known for his extensive comedies such as "About Mary about Mather".

"Black Panther" was the largest domestic box office of the year, continuously, though presenters Chadwick Bosman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Neongo and Danieu Guerra took a moment for the sound of "Vakanda forever".

As expected, Lady Gaga, Mark Ronanson, Anthony Rosomondo and Andrew Wyatt won the best song for signing from "A Star is Bourne". At that time, it seemed like only a few awards for "A Star is Bourne".

Gaga said, "Can I just say that as a woman in music, as a musician and songwriter and it is really hard to take seriously as three unimaginable men."

Although globes are placed by global journalists, they do not include foreign language films in their two best picture categories (for drama and musical / comedy). Who left Netflix's Oscar optimist, the memory-dredged masterwork "Roma" from Alphonse Crown's top line Kuron still won the best director and the Mexican-born filmmaker's movie won the best foreign language film.

"The film was not possible without a particular color that made me," Kuron said. "Gracias, Familia, Grace, Mexico."

Netflix has won numerous awards for the "The Comics Method" category, which became the Best Actor in the comedy category for Michael Douglas (he presented the honor to the 102-year-old father Kirk Douglas) and "The Marvels Mrs. Maasel" for the best comedy series. Nominated like whom star, Rachel Brosnah still won) and "Berry"

"Netfix, Netfix, Netfix," series creator Chuck Laure said.

Olivia Coleman, Lady Gaga is expected to have a tough competition, while both might go head-to-head in the Oscars – though Claus will now make it a three-way race – she won the best actress in comedy / music for her. Imperial Rome "The Favorite." Coleman says, "I've been eating continuously throughout the film." It was brilliant "

The Oscar front-runner went to Regina King for his follower of James Baldwin adaptation of Barry Jenkins's best supporting actress in motion picture, if Beal Street Talk could talk. In his speech of acceptance, King talked about timing up up movements and promised that half the filmmakers who make the film in the next two years will be women. He challenged others to do the same.

King said that "Stand by yourself and do the same in unity," which was also nominated for the TV series "Seven Seconds".

One year later, the Globes were overwhelmed in the Black Sea and the #Matu talk changed to a fashion chater, red carpet often returned to more normal colors and conversations. Some participants were wearing ribbons who read TimesSpace 2 to publish the second year of gender equality campaign, which last year organized Globes Black-Claude demonstration. Alisa Milano, the actress who was integral to the #Metu, said on the viral go, the red carpet that "has created a really beautiful house in the last year."

"Spider-Man: Into Spider-Verse" won for the best animated film. Ryan Murphy won both the series "The Death of Gian Versace: American Crime Story" and the main performance of Darren Kris.

In its sixth and final season, FX's "The Americans" took place in the best drama series in the Amazon plotting thriller "Hodgiming" and Ohah's own "Killing As". Richard Madden, "Bodyguard", Breakout Star of the Suspension Series of Terrorism, won the Best Actor in a drama series. Ben VISA took the best supporting actor in a limited series for "A Very English Scandal".

The Press Association usually has the first crack in the series which was not eligible for the previous Emmy. They did this year with "The Comiccity Method" and "Bodyguard" as well as with ShotTime Prison's play "Running away from Dannemora". Her star, Patricia Arquette, won the best actress in a limited range.

Recent shows, such as recent awards show, have dropped ratings. Broadcasting about 19 million people organized by Sheth Meyers, 11 percent drop in viewers. This year, Globes is one of the broadcaster's fans in favor of NBC: NFC, broadcast by NBC, between Chicago Rear and Philadelphia Eagles, in the afternoon after noon, potentially reaching the wider audience to the network.

Jeff Bridges received the honorary Cecil B. DeMille Award from Globes. Regarding all things about Buckminster Fuller from Michael Simiano, and, of course, in the character of Dude's "Big Lebowski" character, Bridges compared his life to a great game of tag. "All of us have been tagged," said Bridges. "We're alive." Seeing it everyone ended up with "tagging". "We can change the way this ship is going," said Bridges.

This same type of television achievement award was launched this year, which was named as the Carol Burnet Award. His first honor was Burnett, himself.

Bernette said, "I'm really full of this kind of life." "Does this mean that I accept it every year?"

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