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NASA performs amazing pictures of Galaxy, such as Star Trek Enterprises


Space on Kirk may be the ultimate boundary of the space, but the location of the USS Enterprise is the location of astronomers.

NASA, who created the cluster images of the Abel 1033, is similar to the many images of the cartoon starry enterprise from the Star Trek.

It is 1.6 billion light years away from Earth. These structures are "the largest bodies in the universe which have been added to gravity", NASA said.

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With the help of X-ray and radio information, astronomers found that the Abel 1033 was actually two galaxies in the collision phase. "This unusual vigorous event has created sound and shocking waves like sonic booms that run faster than the speed of the voice, until you move up from the picture," NASA wrote on his website.

According to the study's abstraction, researchers have suggested that "the relationship between the radioactive energy of the plasma and the natural cluster medium will radically rejuvenate the relative particles that start from active galactic centers." The study was conducted in the science advance journal.

The picture shows NASA's "paradidiolia", "familiar shapes and patterns are a psychological phenomenon in random data."

(X-ray: NASA / CXC / Lead Unity ./ F Gasparin, Objective: SDSS, Radio: Lofrar / Astron (NCRA / TFR / GMTT)

Chandra X-Ray Observation has also been published on Ambal 1033. In the video description, the observatory says: "Abel 1033 studies and galaxies merging are well understood with physics when these cosmic giants meet.

Another galaxy has been involved with another vibrant cosmic process in Abel 1033. According to NASA's observations, it is made of a high-mass molecule made into a supermassive black hole. The jet is visible on the left and right of the image, the space agency said.

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The energy found in the electrons of Saskar and Netsint at the bark is higher than what is on the lower left side of the label called Stardrie.

NASA ensures that the energy generated by the radio emission usually loses 10,000 tons of energy. "This suggests that the electrons are reinforced again, when they radiate for hundreds of years."

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