Friday , January 22 2021

Police: 20 year old, accused of capital assassination in the girl's death

Authorities in Texas accused a 20-year-old man in a shooting for a 7-year-old black girl who was killed while riding a vehicle with his family.

Office of Harris County Sheriff's Early announced on Sunday that Eric Black Junior accused Jasmine Barnes of capital assassination in the death of her. After receiving a tip, investigators identified Black as a suspect person, said the office in a statement.

The statement said, "Investigators do not believe that Jazmin had the intention of shooting the family." "He was probably shot dead as a result of a false identity."

Authorities said that a suspected person had been killed in a Houston vehicle on December 30 along with a vehicle that was driving and the vehicle was opened. Jasmine died on the scene while her mother was shot in her hand. Shooting took place because the family was going to the store.

After his arrest in East Harris County, Sheriff's office said that Black would take part in the shooting. Officials also said that the investigators are finding the possibility that the other charges will be imposed in this case.

On Saturday's Saturday, Sheriff's office said on Twitter that the investigation was "taken in a new direction." This post was not extended, and the Sheriff's Office did not immediately respond to phone messages.

Jazzman's mother, Loporasha Washington, has said she believes that the shooting was sexually motivated. The alleged shooter was previously described as a white man in a red truck, but Sheriff's office did not immediately recognize Black's race.

On Saturday afternoon, people gathered in a rally, where the shooting took place. People kept balloons and stuffed animals, as well as gave signs to "Jasmine for Justice".

A $ 100,000 prize was offered for information being arrested in Jazzman's case.

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