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Police story changing on death of emotional Bradford shooting


First of all, they shot 21-year-old suspects and injured two others. Then they said that the Amicit could not pull the Bradford Trigger, but the gun was branded. Now we know that Bradford does not necessarily do it.

Eventually, the actual attacker who opened fire in the mall is still loose.

The Hoover police reported shooting at Thursday night at the Rivercheas Galeria Mall in Birmingham's upscale mall south.

Friday morning
Police say that suspect was killed

Police said that two men were fought in the mall, and one man shot twice in the upper part of the body.

Hoover Pda branded & # 39; Explain the report. Gun

Police said Hoover officials, working in two malls in the mall, were working.

"Moving on to the shooting scene, an officer shot a suspected person who shot a pistol and shot him," the police said in a statement.

They identified the deceased suspect at the age of 21 at nearby Huoutown.

12-year-old girl survived by a shotgun and another broken bullet survived

The night of friday
The police say that Bradford is not probably a shooter

The Hoover police identified the man who was killed as an Amantik Bradford junior. They said that Badford was away from shooting scene "Handgun Branding", and an officer shot him.

But Bradford was probably not a gunman who shot an 18-year-old man in a mall to death, police said. They said that the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is now moving on the investigation.

"The new evidence now suggests that when Mr Bradford could be involved in some aspects of the fight, he did not fire the 18-year-old victim who injured him," Hoover police posted on Facebook.

"Investigators now believe that more than two persons were involved in the initial conflict. This information suggests that there is at least one gunman who may be responsible for the shootings of 18-year-old male and 12 years." Female female, "the police said.

"We regret that our initial media release is not quite accurate, but new evidence suggests that it is not."

Monday morning
Police: & # 39; We can assure you that Mr. Bradford brand is gunning & # 39;

Four days after the shooting, the Hoover Police and Hoover city gave their sympathies to Bradford's family – but Bradford led a gun.

Bradford was a legal gun permit and was trying to help people, his family says

A joint statement by the city and police department said, "We are in Amontick J. of Huatown." Expressed sympathy for the family of Bradford, who shot and killed during the Hoover Police, who attempted to make the scene safer in the original changes and seconds after the shooting.

"We can assure that Mr Bradford used to make the gun a gun in the next seconds of the gun creation, which enhanced the threat of threatening police officials to respond to chaotic scenes."

Bradford's parents said their son was a permit to take a weapon.

Hoover Police said camera footage of officials' body is now in the hands of Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. It is not clear whether the LEA will announce those footage to the public.

Meanwhile, Bradford's parents told CNN that they are distraught that the police have not yet reached them, after about four days after an officer killed his son.

Sir Bradford, father of Bradford, Amantik Fitzgerald said: "They have not told me yet. Nobody answered," We have not received any calls and have not apologized. "

After Monday morning
Bradford does not require a gun brandish

Hoover Police issued another clarification, Bradford had a gun in his hand:

"Earlier, we said that Mr. Bradford is branded as a 'gun'. To clarify, the word & # 39; brandish was used because Mr Battford had an active shooter position with supporters of the mall, police officers Kept a gun in his hand. "

But "Brandish" – as per most definition – means to wave or show aggressive or dangerous weapon.

Bradford, in fact, was trying to help people in the security, when his family's lawyer Ben Krump said.

Crape also said that Bradford was a permit to take the secret weapon.

Monday evening
Shooter is still there

Hoover Mayor Frank Brockato said the state is still investigating the shooting, including the discovery of a suspect.

He also said that the city is in the process of requesting meetings with the Bradford family.

The mayor and the Hoover police have urged the courage because state authorities have tried to determine what has happened. The police department has cited CNN questions ALA.

But Kramp said that the patience of Bradford's family is thin.

"Show us the video. Your words do not mean anything," Crump said Monday.

Krump said that he believed that the officer killed "EJ" – one of Bradford's aliases – the verdict.

"(Officer) saw a black man with a gun and he decided that he must be guilty," said the crew.

CNN's Jamil Lynch, Holly Silverman and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.

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