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Early human cell atlas was the study of early human maternal ailment, affecting cells from placenta, which develops the function of the PWD. The researchers at Cambridge University, Cambridge University, Cambridge University, Cambridge University, Cambridge University, Cambridge University, University of Cambridge, New York University said. It revealed how these cells talk to each other for their response to defenses and for the formation of pregnancy.

Published on NatureNew and unexpected cell sessions are recorded in uterine and placenta. It shows which genes are switched in each cell. The insight enables us to understand the reason for successful pregnancy, and when the abortion and pre-eclipse take place

Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain a healthy pregnancy, and many women who are pregnant or give birth can have problems like pre-eclampsia. The placenta may form the roots of these problems in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

A placenta around the fetus produces nutrients and oxygen in the fetus. This is associated with the mother when joining the womb – this is known as decidua – a good blood pressure in the placenta. Research on the internet between the mother and the embryo will help you find important questions, including modification of mother's immune system to mobilize both mother and fetus. However, this area has not been well studied yet.

Researchers learned more than 70,000 units to understand this area. Single cell RNA and DNA ratios have been detected in mother and fetus cells in Defyuva and Plasada, and how these cells interact with each other. They found that the fetuses and molescaps use signals to talk to each other. In this conversation the maternal immune system has helped to develop the fetus.

An editor from Welkom Sangger Institute, Dr. Roser Vento-Tormo said: "Earlier, we know that any of the genes are activated on each cell of decidu and placenta Plasma cells that can change the garbage disposal communicate to correct placenta implantation with mother's immune system.

Using microscopy based methods, researchers were able to accurately determine the position of new cell phones. The biological blocks of the so-called trophoblas cells are transmitted inside the mother's uterus to cause tissue to change the structure. This creates a blood flow to the developing fetus.

One writer at Newcastle University Prof. Muslifa Hanifa said: "Through our study of human development biology resource, tissues to facilitate research on human health, our only cell study is the correct cellular structure (decidua, placenta), how to develop a growing placenta, from the uterus, to understand what happens in the normal pregnancy, , Conceive Abortions. "

Cambridge University writer Prof. Ashley Moffbeth said: "The design of a successful pregnancy is crucial, and our study has completely revealed the Septembol of new cells, to see how successful Mother's Resistant Response helps a successful pregnancy."

This area understands the consequences of cancer study. New blood pressure can also be used to eliminate immune system for tumor cells and to provide nutrients and oxygen to tumor growth.

Doctor of the Organizing Committee, Welfare Sungar Institute, Humane Cell Atlas, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee. Tekkman Sarah said: "This is the first stage of pregnancy, the development of the Atlas of the Human Cell, will transform our conception of the development of a healthy, plasanreyum spread the light of the vaikalyannalekkuricc pregnancy to learn how to turn communicate with the pregnancy or the mother cells, cancer cells and the methods to exploit Will help you to understand. "

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