Sunday , January 24 2021

R. Wrapper apologized for working with Kelly

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images for Livability

Chains The Ripper's audio clip was played on Saturday's episode Rescue R. Kelly It was a "mistake" in which he asked singer / alleged rapist to work with. On Twitter, Channes used the Note application which says that reference was taken from context. However, he still regretted working with Kelly, and apologized for the neglect of long-lost things. "[T]He wrote that it is the truth that has always ignored R. Kelly's stories, or has ever believed that it is being attacked / attacked by the system carefully (such as black men often) doing this by the loss of black women and girls. "I apologize for working with them all for the survivors and taking more time to talk to them." Except Chance, only other musicians featured in the documentary series are John Legend and Stephanie "Sparkle" Edwards. Many other celebrities were asked to visit, but they refused.

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