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Reachound circus has returned to Florida


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Way Alex Seats-Wald

In Ladderhill, within the flame, a suit struck a paper clip merit in the stack. In one of Hilary Clinton's magazine, one tried to block the former Democratic president nominee.

The state-of-the-art state recordings began in Sunday morning High stakes paper jams The flagship senate, one of the largest states in the country, has broken down the governing body of Rasas in a long legal battle.

Judge Beatty Benson said under the Barwad County Election Office, "The new base of police and private security forces has been strengthened to protect vote counters from outside protests.

Two years after 2000 years, chips and butterfly ballots were hanged in 2000 presidential records. South Florida never minded again and again.

"Like Dajah Wo and again," Larry Davis said. Since 2000, Larry Davis Bush, a lawyer who has been observing officials from the office of democracy and officers, has named the nominees of GOP members from Wo Gor. Before. "Of course, that's more important."

The Senate defeated Republican Sen Bill Nelson of the Republicans by 13,000 votes to defeat the Republican government. Will Nelson still succeed?

Davis said: "That's possible.

The nearest racing race for NBC News was rated.

Some counties work 24 hours a day. A record number of 8.2 million votes has been made across the country as a result of Thursday afternoon. Because the officials were planning to sleep in their offices, they would decide to be subject to questionable boots that could last night.

An advocate worked for the election office office in Broward County, "bring your dowry."

On Sunday morning, a policeman was caught by the police to enter the job and a worker sent a gallon jag water and two power plants.

The dreaded tramp supporters could not sleep outside of the tin in which they spoke through 150 or bullrons. A cherry picker air raised a large tumppass flag, and a pickup truck softened with fledged imitation flagging flags like a porcupine.

A large group of Democratic proxies showed on Friday. Sunday trough fans have a park outside the strip-mall voting office.

Republics officers from Spring to St Market Rubio Floppy are switching to the tramp. Broward tweeted five times in the past few days. Promoting firm convictions on voters fraud is aimed at the Democratic county.

The department has been asked to investigate the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, but the department has not received any fraudulent evidence.

It did not stop the protests.

"I can imagine that we can have people there every day," said Diana Tobu, Vice President of the Southwestern Broward Republican Club.

However, Brower County and Supervisor Brenda Spiffs in the election are concerned about the legitimate election administration over the years.

She is not an inspiration for the election to be swept off: she is unacceptable, "wrote the Fort Lauderdale Sun Scientological Editorial Board on Friday, June's call to the office and office.

In the morning with a small, red hood prayer, in the afternoon, Florida climbed to a large crowd.

The opposite of mood was the festivity and anger. One minute, the song "Boomers for Trump" in song "I'm Door", again re-recorded with trump songs. Her lungs "Jews"

A confrontation of the press conference around the woman was against women. She told the crowd that she was a Jew, but the bigger Jewish ethnic group in South Florida agreed to vote for the Democrats.

Illustration: Broward County conducts once again in front of the Supervisor's Office
Protestors outside the supervisor's office on Sunday, November 11, 2018.Karl Just / AP

A tomato stands trough a touch of a sweet sweet man. The Harley Davidson motorcycle was wearing a cut of black shirts painted on a Tremble picture. Made a trigger saying "diamond swamp".

"They control the media, they control the entertainment industry, that's what they do," he said. "The Donald Trump did more for the Jews and Israel than it did before, and it does not matter."

Art Manon, another man in a white shirt, had arrived at the tooth.

A reporter has made it clear that he had worked in Iraqi oil company, Hilkarton, despite having no military service in Iraq. "Here I am libertarian.

Due to a manual rebuilding machine version on Thursday, it will be repeated for days. Here are the county crafters, which are the real fun starters. But anyone who reminds eight brands of brackets that eight Frenchmen have entered the Senate may disagree with the amusements factor, not the infamous "lizard pop" vote.

The Republicans are trying to block a manual number, requiring judges to stop the bills and prevent Broward and Palm Beach County counting machines.

A black church addressing a different crowd demanded that Democrat Andrew Gailler count all votes. Pattaya and firecrackers were engaged in black voters.

"The idea that we will have to find ourselves within a few days after the election day is invoked, those ballots are legitimate people to vote for," Gill said.

After a service involving the views of a Muslim, a Jew and a trade union organizer, the mob broke out in a compilation called "Count all votes".

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