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Six times Pro Brendan Brandon Marshall tries to get the sexy saints


For the second consecutive week, the saints add a pro-bowl wide receiver for their roster.

They hope to make an impact this season.

Bred one Marshal 13 years ago.

The signing of De Be Brandt signed a brief signal of one week, with Asles scrambling, and the season ended.

The Saints now become a Marshal. In the past week, saints were one of three scholars. Brian and Kamar Aiken are the other two.

"He's been doing well, smart, and working on a lot of experienced professionals," said Sint Coach Xenon Peton. Well done, good size and size is another goal. "

Sarnar is the seventh team of Marshall. Marshall has played for thousands of years in the last four seasons.

He was finally eliminated in May 9 by Seattle Sehoks signed. At Seattle, Marshall seized 11 passes for 136 yards and a touchdown. In last season, New York Jain finished with 18 appearances in five seasons.

In 2006, Denver Broccos bought the fourth round of the draft. There were competitions with Miyafoll Miami Dolphins, Chicago Beers, and New York Jets. He was nominated six times in the pro-Bowl. He was awarded the 2012 MVP Award. In 2012, the first team was Al-Pro.

Like Brent, saints who seek 6-foot-55 or £ 235 are looking for Marshall's help to get a collection of the product of Michael Thomas.

This season, he earned 78 points with 950 yards and seven touchdowns. On Sunday, Cincinnati won the final by 51-14. Alvin Kamla (55 catches) and Ben Watson (27th) were the other team's top gains.

Ted Guinea is ranked second with Trekewine Smith and 12 GetStart. Guinness was injured in mid-October. Cameron Meredith and Tommy's Louise are also in the injured reservoir.

Pineon is hoping Jin and Lewis will return soon.

They love the size of the python marshals, especially when they enter the cents red zone.

"I thought size was big, but we thought we had experience and strong hands," Peyton said.

Marshall's best season was awarded in 2012. There were 118 passes for 1,508 yards and 11 touchdowns. The highest number of touchdowns in a season is 14 in 2015, according to the company.

In 2008 Marshall 18 matches with Denver Bronchos were wasted. This match is the most frequently in the NHL history. Six seasons with at least 100 receptions, more than any other player in the league history.

Marshall's eczema is middle florida, like rocky smith.

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