Friday , May 7 2021

Small town where men use a plastic bag condom

Residents living in archers post is a small town located along Isolo Ng 'Iro River, which divides the Isiolo and Sambu counties, and is keen to keep sex safe despite the lack of condoms.

The small town is located in Samburu County and is at Sh13 billion Isiolo-Moal Highway. The city is known for its delicious Nima Choma Has experienced joints and rapid growth because it is the transit point of Merbbeat County and Moal city on the Kenya-Ethiopia border.

Military staff training for both local army and British troops contributed to the development of the city.

Archers Post is also a destination for domestic and international travelers because it has proximity to the national reserves of both Isiolo and Sambu counties.

The growth of the town has come as part of its shortcomings, because many young women see the sheep in this area to join prostitution.

A section of the residents of the area claimed that the supply of male condoms is so low that some local people have started recycling rare commodities while others use polyethylene papers to protect themselves during sex.

Over a decade ago, after years of introduction of female condoms in the Kenyan market, most of the adult population in this area is stubborn to understand how to use it as a normal male condom.

As residents, they joined millions of Canadians in the target of World AIDS Day on Saturday, participants participating in the event to participate in safe sex in the bid to reduce HIV / AIDS transmission rates, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancies. Take control of male condoms.

According to Mr Julius Lellete, according to the increase in the number of people infected with the infection, people have been affected by the increasing number of HIV / AIDS who have spent their night in the local lodge, have been suffering from poverty, which has given rise to prostitution in girls and the presence of soldiers is training While serving, local women are forced to work away from their families or partners.

Simple cash from the grains of sand, he also contributed to the spread of HIV / AIDS.

Mr Lelacet said that "the spread of HIV and AIDS has worsened by a part of local people, which usually wash men's condoms due to its shortage, especially the government has banned polythene carrier bags last year. . "

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