Friday , March 31 2023

Solid cold hardness: NASA warned of ice ages


Жуткие морозы скуют все воеруг: NASA PREPAREDLY LINDIC OCTOBER

Experts from NASA say that very little ice age occurs in space. Temperature reduces due to the lack of sunlight function.

Furthermore, space has changed substantially since Earth's atmosphere loses its heat. If it continues, it will set a new record for low temperatures.

Sunspots change in about 2 years. This will be very low, which can cause radical changes. In addition, experts in the space agencies say that the solar energy changes can result in broken navigation, communication and space dispersion stop.

Жуткие морозы скуют все воеруг: NASA PREPAREDLY LINDIC OCTOBER

This condition affects the explosions of supernovae in the galaxy and speeds up the solar cells.

One scientist says that all these events are responsible for weakening of the Sun's magnetic field. This will increase the risk for astronauts who landed in space at this time.

Let's remember, there was a portal from space in China. The inhabitants of the Chinese city of Yulin found a strange strange in the sky.

As previously reported, "Sanannu" researchers at the University of California, Berkeley found 72 distant signals.

"Znayu" I wrote that I am an UFO. The earth was destroyed in the open space.

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