Sunday , January 17 2021

Stuart-Haz Suarez Confirms Reciever

Stuart-Hass Racing officially confirmed Daniel Suarez as the driver of his number-41 Ford Mustang for the 2019 Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series.

Suarez, who is today 27 Munde, replaces senior and former cup-series champion Kurt Butch. After operating the car in the past five seasons, Bush Chip has progressed in guanasi racing.

Suarez has sponsorship support from ARRIs as well as from Hassan Automation. ARRIS entered NASCAR in 2014 and has since joined Suarez. Hass Automation is a company founded by SHR co-owner Jean-Hass, and has been featured mainly on number 41 cars in the past few seasons.

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Suarez said, "This is the best birthday I can ask for." "We all have seen how competitive Stuart-Hass Racing is – all their drivers won last year and they all grew up in playoffs. This is the chance that every driver wants and now I have this team, We want to deliver to ARRIs and Ford, our partners and finally, for me. Everything we have is needed to succeed. "

For the 2016 Xperia Series champion Suarez, SHR will take part in another competition after entering the cup series at Joe Gibbs Racing in 2017, where he replaced Carl Edwards.

72 career starts, Suarez has won 21 top-10 and four top-fi finishes. He leads 75 laps and is ranked 20 and 21st, respectively, in the last two seasons to point points.

Team co-owner Tony Stewart said that "Daniel has participated in every series, he has quickly become a rookie race racer." "In four years, he went to the Nascar Cup Series from K. and N. series. In the meantime, he won the Xfinse Series Championship, and he did all of the while learning new language and new culture. He is dedicated, he is talented and as the main part of his race team Is proud. "

Said, "We are racing to win and we think that Daniel Suarez can win the NASCAR Cup series." Hass is an international brand and is directly responsible for our success in how to use the name of the race in racing. We use motorsports to display our latest technology and to attract the best talent in engineering and design. Daniel 41 Hash Automation allows the Mexican community to strengthen their relationship by racing the Ford Mustang to Hass Automation. "

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