Friday , January 15 2021

Sukumjee Fish Market Record Two Auction Price

The newest transfer of Tokyo's Sukuji fish market has created a lot of splash in the latest big-tune auction. Kiosi Kimura of the SuzieManai Sushi Chain has paid a massive payment of 333.6 million JPY (approximately $ 3.1 million USD) for the 613 pound tuna fish.

Kimura retrieved the title at the most expensive price paid for the same fish in New Year's auction, where she won the first place for six years before losing her title to another sushi chain in 2017. Asked what he thought about the price after the auction, Kimura replied, "Tuna looks very tasty and very fresh, but I think I have done a lot, I hope it will be between 3 million JPY and 50 million JPY, Or ¥ 60 million JPY is the highest, but it has gone up to five times more. "The remorse of Kimura's buyer was justified as 333.6 million JPY paid doubles paid six years ago. It was yum.

It was said that the fish were moved directly to one of its restaurants located on the old Sukuji fish market. Although the number of tuna fish decreases, despite being one of the more popular fish on the Sushi Menus, the cost of threatening species increases.

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