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Tesla factory racism? Say it is not, Joe!

December 1, 2018 By Steve Henley

The New York Times It looks for Tesla and Alon Musk. They constantly slam both of them for things that otherwise would be mentioned. At present, Gray Lady (journalistic sobriquet) is the coolest Times) The Tesla factory in Fremont, California, is showing a story about the impure truth about the factory. There are workers Racism, The paper reveals!

New York Times and Tesla

According to Times, He has visited more than two dozen employees and former employees, all of whom have claimed to have suffered ethnic slurs and fraud behavior from co-workers and supervisors. Three of them have filed a lawsuit against Tesla for sexual discrimination.

Say it is not – Tesla, what will be the future of the product, surrounded by the skin of the overwhelming behavior by some employees directed by its employees? Cleantechnikica Frequently Tesla is accused of being a fanboy site, but if we take this story – then we'll be sorry – if it's one – and stand on his head.

The story here is not racism in the Fremont factory. The story here is that America is a harsh gesture of sexual hatred and prejudice. And the chief cheerleader is Donald Trump, who fears and condemns the dark-skinned people of the White House all the way, the man who is regarded as the "Shital country" with most black citizens, the man whose "America's First" formula is the white supremacist ideology Based on American history, there is an echo of similar trips.

Before complaining about Tesla's being frightened for some of its employees, perhaps its management Time Should be seen internally that there is no similar behavior in its own ranks? In the famous spirit of Matthew chapter 7, verse 3 says, "Why do you see a sawmill in your brother's eye and do not pay attention to the snare in your own eye?"

Should we know that there is no uniform behavior? Time? Or at other product facilities in the United States? Or in big tech companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook? What is the point of making Tesla sing for public shaming? Is it because it is due to such disruptive influences and annoys many unified organizations that need to be smashed?

As part of this, Tesla admitted that sometimes its racist behavior in the factory is done. It's no excuse, but it says that the level of complaints is not more than the same company as its size. "Tesla opposes all types of discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment, and we try to provide a respectable working environment for all employees and make best efforts to prevent bad behavior," the company said in a statement. Weight. "What is most about Tesla is a clear protest against all forms of discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment. When we are notified that there is no living to these standards, we immediately address it, as expected by any good company. . "The person who has seen a few alan mask interviews knows that captain discrimination, bullying or behavior in general.

This article does not apologize for any bad behavior. It is America's accusation, which has been declared the most racist cultures on the planet in the last few years. Despite protests from all the flowers about the "shining city on the hill", America is slightly more than a plantation where white people know the location of the top and black people. It is a place where the people of dark-skinned people have an apple pie as an American.

In the last weekend, Mississippi voted in the power to Senator who spoke publicly about attending "public executions" and state-owned trees were equipped with boats stuck off their branches. Winning the white supermassist candidate. It is a major part of the United States, and the charge against Tesla means that there is nothing more than trying to clearly cover the racist core at the heart of America.

America's soul was given the best summary of London Johnson, when he said, "If you can guarantee the lowest white man is better than the best colored man, he will not notice that you are choosing his pocket. Hell, give it to anyone to keep an eye on it and it will empty the pocket for you. "

Years ago, black singer Nina Simone wrote a song about racism in America that "Mississippi Goddamn." Things have changed but a few days since then. Talks about racial slurs in Fremont There is nothing to address the history of sexual abuse America's history. Conversely – they pretend that the problem is somehow limited to a small piece of population and a company among many people.

This New York Times The story is an act of the pituitary, for which it should be ashamed. The story is not Tesla; She is America. New York TimesGoddame!

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