Sunday , August 7 2022

The "artificial sun" in China experiences over 6 times hotter than the sun


China's "Artificial Sun" reached an average of 180 million μF of 10 megawatt thermal power plant. The discovery was conducted by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Plasma Physics. It is six times hotter than the sun. The experimental Advanced Supermarking Tomacook (East) is experimentally designed to produce nuclear energy.

Most creatures depend on nuclear integration. If the sun does not stop working, we too. But the future may offer a clean energy solution.

As a result of a fusion process, the two nuclei assemble are extremely high and the temperature above 270 million μF. Once merged, they utilize the massive forces remaining and use them to power cities. Unlike fossil fuels burning, carbon emissions are zero. Unlike fission, it is safe.

"The news in East is very exciting," said doctors scientist William Doorand for digital trends studying nuclear fusion reactors at the Maryland University. The world's record heat is five times hotter – but Dortland was not able to participate in research, especially as a result of device design. It was built on the "magnetic limit fusion".

"The challenge for the magnetic interference is to create high temperatures in the fuel to maintain the high magnetic field and maintain thermal thermal energy." It is seriously difficult to achieve these three expressions at once. "

Nuclear systems are difficult to start, and even harder to maintain. A reactor that has adverse pressure, temperature and response needs is difficult to build. But fusion lobbies and startups all over the world have begun to fog, report the BBC, and see a future in future on the horizon.

"This is Space X Mission." Christopher Maurey told a BBC company chief executive general Fusion. "Technologies like integrated manufacturing and high-temperature equipment have been added to the rise of the 21st century and the fusion has not been 30 years now."

There will still be several milestones. Two large bottlenecks have been made to generate a reactor that has a limiting set of liquid and legitimate measurement.

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