Thursday , February 25 2021

The cow should be a cow for the baby's allergies

It may seem counter-intuitive, but the parents who clean the baby's pacemakers tend to reduce the risk of their child's allergies by drinking their sentences from their texts.

According to new American research, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACII) found that mothers had a lazy response to their parents' children in their passphrases for cleaning. Wash hands.

The researchers interviewed 128 mammals of infants during the 18 months of study.

"We found that children of mothers who are under the lower body have IgE in the lower body [immunoglubin E] Dr Henry Ford, a colleague at Henry Ford Health System in Disroit. Elian Abou-Jowde explained in a press release.

IgE is a type of antibody allergic to allergic reactions. Allergies can cause allergies. Allergies, Jaunde allowance and Allergic Asthma are more likely to develop.

About 58% of the 128 migrants who researchers participated in the study said that their child is now using a pacifier. Of these, 41 per cent said they had cotton wool cleaned by their baby, 72 per cent of which was washed and 12 per cent had eaten.

Dr. Edward Zarotti, Dr. Allergist Implanologist, Henry Ford Health System. Edward Zarate and 18 months of age were upset over the infant children in 10 months.

"We need more research, but we believe that health-promoting microorganisms can be transmitted from parents' mouth," he said. "It is not clear whether the lowest eagle production in these children persists over the years."

Abu Jude said that giving evidence of growing results in providing certain quantities of infection with young ones leads to a healthy immune system.

"The priority of some illnesses is the development of the immune system and that there may be protection against allergies," she said.

The researchers point out that this only shows parents' parents and a risk of allergies.

"Our study suggests that the baby's parents and children will have a low level of IgE quality, but it will result in the low-IgE injection of the Pacifier.

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