Saturday , October 1 2022

The president of the California Democratic party takes the leave of absence between sexual misconduct investigation


California Democratic Party President Eric Bueman, who has faced multiple inspections after placing many party employees guilty of sexual assault or harassment, leave the absence until the investigation is completed, the party announced on Monday.

Party spokesman Mike Roth said that Bauuman had decided to take leave of absence.[a]Rotate at the end of the holiday week to consider the most creative path to the work of the California Democratic Party. "

"Chair Baueman believes this is the best way to ensure the independence and integrity of the decision-making process," added Roth. "The party believes that these processes will allow all parties to come forward freely and provide full and complete review."

An Internal Inspection was launched to remove Biomann for the move to Beamon's move after Vice-Chair of the Party's Senior Chair DARACA Lerimore-Hall, in which Laramer Hall was described as "Trustworthy, Supported and Whole Accusations of Heartfelt" by "many staff members", who harassed Bauuman Or claimed to have been attacked. The party works in them. US of California Rep. R.R. Other people, including Khanna and Orange County Young Democrats, asked to go to Bunun on one side.

There are no details about the alleged incident or affected staff of the Larimer-Hall email. Sacramento B reported that Larrymore-Hall talks with two accused and witnesses before sending her email.

In a statement on Saturday, the bimon said, "Whoever believes that he has been hurt, takes any allegations brought forward by me seriously." "I keep following these allegations and proceed as a unified Democrat."

Polls can be done to remove Baughan from the office by the party's executive board. However, the call for the removal of Bowman of Lumor-Hall is still a step away from such a vote.

California Democrats only leave the world after the big benefits of midterm elections, Republicans have been winning key congressional seats in the region for a long time.

In the series of allegations of sexual abuse against the creators of law, lobbyist and others in politics, last year, Melie knocked California's political world at a height of movement. Three Democrats resigned as state lawmakers after the researchers appointed by the state legislature were found to be involved in undue behaviors.

Burman has won the election of Kimberly Ellis last year's presidential election after a controversial war between Democrats and progressive activists. During that fight, Bawman said that he is falsely targeted by rumors engaged in inappropriate behavior with adolescents. Bawuman is the first open gay chairman of the party.

Bawman was called rumors of "disgusting lies" and Alice condemned them.

First Vice-Chairman Alex Rooker is ready to handle the bureaucracy's duties when the investigation increases.

Fox News & # 39; Catholin Shellhorn & Associated Press contributed to this report.

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