Tuesday , January 19 2021

Trump: To create a wall, a national emergency can be declared. & # 39;

"I can announce a national emergency about what is happening in the next few days," Trump told reporters that he left the White House for Camp David.

White House Officer On Saturday, CNN told CNN that Trump had turned to declaring a national emergency to use military funding for its wall. Trump demanded the Congress for the right money for the wall, and the government continued partial shutdown on its issue with the Democrats.

Vice President Mike Pence held a meeting with Congressional leadership staff on Sunday afternoon, but after the meeting's conclusion, there was little indication that the deal was close to reopening the government.

Two congressional sources told the CNN before the meeting that the allies agreed to give the White House budget to the border wall for an estimated $ 5.7 billion. After completing the meeting, the Republican Assistant told CNN that Democrats have been given "detailed, punctual list of governing proposals for border security, including wall and other border security measures".

The aide said that Democrats did not come back with a "fair" counteroffer for administrative requests.

One source at the meeting states that the weekend negotiation was only good in the sense that the administration had a more specific meaning about what the corporation wanted. Sources said that Democrats repeated that a contract would take a very long time and they should make some appropriation functions this week, and added that they can not make a real debate about the dollar amount.

A Democratic assistant said that Sunday's meeting was delayed by about 45 minutes and still did not get complete budget support despite the delay. Sources said the Democratic staff again requested the administration and the Republican to reopen the government, but their requests were rejected.

However, Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon that meeting is a manufacturer.

"VP Mike Pence and Group had a manufacturer meeting today with representatives of Schumer / Pelosi," Trump wrote. "Many details of Border Security were discussed. Now we are planning a steel barrier instead of concrete, it is strong and less fraudulent. Good solution and made in the USA."

Trump & # 39; National Crisis & # 39; The idea comes by

Truppe told reporters on Sunday morning that he was announcing a national emergency, and he said US Steel and other steel producers had planned to call the head so that they could have a steel barrier for the south border.

Trup spoke again with reporters on Sunday afternoon and gave a few details, but he repeated that he was "looking at the national crisis", adding, "We'll let you know soon."

Trump said it would consider a deal which included protection for defensive action for the arrival of childhood program, but suggested that the Supreme Court chose to wait until the issue was ruled by the Supreme Court.

Trump said, "I am working with the Democrats on DACA instead of the Supreme Court rules."

Trup said on Friday that it might "try" to insist on emergency powers to build a wall, although such measures will have to face legal action.

Schiff: A & # 39; A Starter & # 39;

California Democratic Rip Some people, including Adam Schiff, have met this publicbike who told CNN's "state council" on Sunday that they do not think Trump could use the power of emergency to build a wall on the southern border.

"See, if Harry Truman can not nationalize steel industry during the war, then this President does not have the power to announce an emergency and build a wall of multilillion dollar on the border." "So it's a non starter."

Shif said that Trump had been burdened with the move to move and reopen the government, so the trump itself was colored in a corner and "need to explain how unexpectedly it is from the corner."

Congress also said that if the Democrats demand Trump, the President will try to shut down more to get rid of it.

Shivay said, "We can not afford to do business just like that."

WH: Weekend Negotiations Fail

Acting White House staffer Mick Mulve said in a separate interview on the same program that on Saturday the government is negotiating to reopen, "not much progress".

Truppe said in his comment to reporters on Sunday morning that Pence and Congress Leadership Staff Sunday, in more shutdown negotiations in the afternoon, Pence "does not expect anything to happen".

Trump said that he expected "very serious negotiations" at the start of this week and could "relate" to the federal workers affected by the shutdown.

Trump said, "I'm sure the people who will receive it will adjust, they always do it."

CNRI's Boris Sanchez and Sarah Westwood contributed to this report.

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