Monday , January 18 2021

U.S. embassy & # 39; Soniac Invasion & # 39; Attacks can be done

According to the Sunday report, the US in Cuba Embassy diplomats who are suffering from "Sonic Invasions" can only be acting in cricket.

Havana's embassy cut its staff in half by 2017, after complaining of dozens of headaches, nausea, and other ailments that caused the hearing of the mysterious, intense high-pitchy sounds – possibly from Russia – is believed to be an acoustic weapon.

But a new analysis of the audio recording done by U.S. employees in Cuba has shown that the source of piercing is the song of indigy short-tailed cricket, which is known as Anuragulus Celerinitis, a study says.

According to The Guardian, Professor Fernando Montalegre-Zapata of Lincoln University's sensory biology professor said that the recording is the cricket associated with a particular group. "The call of this Caribbean tribe is approximately 7 kHz, and is delivered at an unusually high rate, which gives a constant sharp emission to humans."

A study conducted by Montagegre-Zapata and Alexander Stubs at the University of California, was published on January 4, the website is on Biorecview.

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