Saturday , January 16 2021

Warren swings in the first campaign, but the questions of the election follow him

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By Alex Seitz-Wald

DES Moines, Iowa – Whatever questions Elisabeth Warren had faced before becoming President of the 2020 presidential race, before becoming the first Democratic candidate, Iowa's almost flawless and well-received trip made it clear that he wished to win And what is his plan is it

Massachusetts senator was found in three days on the state's three occasions Massachusetts senator in three days, due to the enthusiasm between his political celebrity and the Iowa Democrats, the contract for his promises to start a race against President Donald Trump – if his country's first national caucus is more than a year away.

By invading Girl Scout cookie for her time and calling her a fight against corrupt political system "Corruption, plain and simple", Warri has presented herself as Bernie Sanders, her progressive enormity, and more than a fire and democracy more than anyone else. Top potential candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden

Of course, she did not have to compete against anybody, because she gave her assurance to keep the state from the start of the initial campaign.

But a definitive question from a member of the audience about Bangladeshi role from his DNA test, with no doubts about whether he could beat Trump, would not have been an easy way for Democratic nomination in 2020.

Hather Matson, who excluded a Republican state legislator in November, participated in an event with Warren on Saturday. "I think anyone wants to run for the presidency and to spend," she will now be called a front-runner. "Iowa knows the time that he will take part in personal competition by the person."

Talking to Oklahoma, not Harvard

The War used to use its 2018 Senate election campaign to achieve its stumping speech and make 2020 the biggest war chests optimistic for $ 12.5 million.

The study included three dozen Town Halls in Massachusetts, this was paid at the end of this week in Iowa, where she organized a campaign of cold-fighting campaigns, she said that she took her holidays on her grandson – "petty dishes" holidays Was there.

The tropical temperatures rise early in the morning to ensure that people meet them in the morning in the Sioux City. Once upon reaching the event, many people returned to the door.

And a large number of people followed the warrennation because they made their way to Storm Lake in the east and then Des Moines, where this line was spread twice in the prestigious East Village of the capital.

Marion County Democratic Party President Megan Suhrer said, "There are 1,000 people here." "I was standing for Dave Gethrol show two weeks ago and there were 1,000 people."

Warren is probably well-known nationally as Meduchusets, Ted Kennedy is generous, whose Senate seat is now in his possession and has become a former Lawyer of Harvard Law professor.

But Warren's Stump speech in Iowa almost completely abandoned her part of the resume, instead focusing on her hard-shelling upbringing in Oklahoma, where she did not have enough money to send to college, and her father had a heart attack in the late life, her father received a low-paid job.

Warren said in Anneck, "Probably I am potentially a potential senator."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mas, waves on the crowds during an event held at Des Moines, Iowa, on May 5, 2019.Matt Putney / AP

She decided to quit school at the age of 19 – "smart," she shouted at her self-restraint. And she joked that she was proud to have helped convert one of her three older brothers, all of whom joined the military, at the Democratic Party.

A Democrat, who has a conservative rap. He attracted national attention for his unsuccessful campaign against Steve King, he said, "When I heard him on the first stumps, I felt like I grew up and how the problems arose." R-Iowa, last year. "When it comes to Evans, we often do not become stupid and it is an & # 39; factual & # 39; and that authenticity is really important."

Schulten said that he was impressed that Warren had opted to start his campaign in the state's orthodox, rural western reach, where Democrats often do not feel threatened with publicity. "We are becoming this Urban Suburban Wholesome Foods Party and I am in the 'General Area' District. There are many reasons why I am a Democrat that he is a Democrat.

Former Iowa Gov's wife Christie Wilkes, Tom Wilkesky and Democratic Party lawyer, Warren were associated with voters for rural areas.

"Yes, she is a Harvard professor, but she is also a teacher," said Wilkes. "I think it will be amazing, because most women in Iowa are still teachers. If they work, that job was available to many of them and still there are many smaller towns."

Whether it is an & # 39; elegant & # 39; Is it?

Over the years, Warren has avoided setting feet in Iowa in relation to the President's speculation.

This left behind potential 2020 rivals like Sense Kamala Harris, Corey Boaker and Sanders, who visited Iowa last year for Democratic candidates in medieval elections.

But before this trip, Warren's emerging campaign announced the recruitment of some respected Iowa operators, some of which worked for Sanders in 2016, with which they are moving forward for an inevitable clash, deciding to run again.

Warren's national campaign will be the main headquarters in Boston, where long-term maintenance assistance will be added by newcomers, such as Rosparas, the 2008 digital guru of Barack Obama, who founded Blue State Digital, one of the largest online companies working for Democrats. .

Iowa Democratic Powerbreaker, Crawford, who has advised many campaigns, "We are in the fourth quarter of staffing and will end up with one of the best staff in the field." "Iowa probably has 20 or 25 top executives who have experience with caucus processing and really understand it and rent it in just a quarter."

But Crowford also provides a warning for Warren.

"Evans will be very concerned about the election and it is a barrier that he has not yet crossed," he said.

Gender and age

Warren's team knows that people who can defeat Trump will be one of the main challenges Iowa and beyond – no one really can really confirm that what the "electility" really looks like in the broken era of the trump era.

Warren will face a special investigation because of his gender, age, and left-leaning ideology, the fact is that Trump has already made it a target, especially on questions about its native American heritage.

"Why did you test DNA and give Donald Trump more fodder for fodder?" A woman asked Waron in Syaux City

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wishes an overflow crowd outside the Over-Place Community Center before participating in a round-table discussion on January 5, 2019 at Storm Lake, Iowa.Scott Olson / Getty Images

The management of DNA testing, in which Warren was a distant Native American ancestor, was widely criticized by the Native American tribes.

Warren has responded to what he has given earlier, which is unlikely to resolve the question. Warren told the woman, "It was my decision, I would put it there." "I can not stop Donald Trump from doing what I am going to do. I can not stop him from moral insults."

And many Democrats wonder if the second white woman of Hillary Clinton's nomination (Warren 69) is a good move for the party.

Nancy Bower, a school teacher, said she loves Clinton and Warren, and thinks that both will create great presidents – but President Presidential candidates are not necessary.

She said, "I do not think our nation is ready for the woman, and especially for the elderly woman."

Warren's campaign was expected to have such questions and he was addressed with an event to be held on Saturday, which campaigned and won in Iowa last year.

The state is infamous for women candidates in the past, and Iowa was one of the last states of the country to send women to Congress. But in November, Iowa voters selected 45 women in the state legislature, and the US. Two new Democratic women were sent to the House of Representatives

"People told me in 2012 that Massachusetts did not like any woman in the United States Senate, so we got organized, we fought back and we won," Warren said.

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