Monday , March 1 2021

Warriors are far away from the dirty loss of the rocket

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (0) – mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Dermont Green Thursday after the Golden Status Between Warriors List A game involves suspension Dormant Green reunited with Golden Statuses Warriors on Thursday after a game suspension for the encounter with Kevin Durant.

There is nothing wrong with the team.

<p class = "Canvas-atom canvas-MB (1.0 mm MB (0) – SMART MT (0.8M) – smam" type = "text" content = "golden state" The destruction of Houston Rocket's 107-86 Questions about their collective mindset will be raised after the inner play. "The Golden State of the Houston rocket made a heavy shooting night at 107-86 on losses in Houston Rocket, which is definitely a collective mood after their inner play.

Warriors starter coolers away from afar

There is no 3-point waiters starter at night, the first in the Golden stadium since March 2013.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (0) – mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "Stephen Curry After a break, I lay down with the veinsGreen, Durand, Clay Thompson, But Andrew EcoDolla and Damien John did not let the 3-pointer try. Stephen Curry, a stream of green, Durant and Clay Thompson, were knocked out of the ninth place, while Andrew Ecoodala and Damien John did not try the 3-pointer.

Drummond Green did not score

42.1 percent shots from the Warriors. Between 4 and 18 the night started with 22 points for 20 points. Thomson is the only number behind a double digit.

Steve Kerr was the head coach of the team.

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (0) – mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "" We are spiritually beautiful now a little bit physically, " Ker said. "There is nothing to do, we have to fill our cup and get our soul back, our energy is back, we are going, it's a long and long season." "Data-reactid =" 25 ">" We've done something a little bit physically and now we are spiritually beautiful , " Ker said. "There's nothing to do, we have to fill our cup and get our soul back, our energy is back, we're going it's long and long season."

Durant adopted a cognitive approach, and it was found that the entire test was patient.

"Do not ask me again," Durant said when asked about the relationship with Green

Chris Paul Carlowo Antony speaks

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (0) – mt (0.8em) – sm" type = "text" content = "For rocket, the consequences of their own drama. & nbsp;Reached an official event At the Golden Stadium, when Roancets won the match, Carmolo Anthony's end came to an end after their unrestrained victory over Drama. The Golden State fights.

"It's hard," Rockets points out to TNT after defeating Gart Chris Paul Antony. "Some of the players in the league are your classmates and my family is Melo."

James Harton scored three rounds and three assists with 27 points to reach the Rocket. 10 points, 10 rounds, 10 points, seven assists and five rebounds combined.

Witherse who was 19 points in the first half was bad. They did not find a game and could not score more than 23 points in the quarter. They were ranked second in the NBA with 120.7 points each.

Kevin Durant, Right and Warriors will not play on Thursday. (Gotti)

The Late Rocket Agreement ended

Despite their shooting struggles, Warriors kept screwing up, and in the fourth quarters, the 21-0 rocket started running. While Thomson was 1117 over, Houston ran for 76-65. Houston scored a lead of 97-65 with Eric Gordon rocket scoring 3 points at 6.06.

The first season of this season was between the two teams from last season at the Western Conference final.

A season that marched to another championship for the Warriors was much more fun.

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