Monday , June 5 2023

watchOS 6 assets reveal new Apple Watch models coming in titanium and ceramic cases


Apple is continuing to leak its assets. We've already seen an iPhone asset in iOS 13 beta 7 that seemingly confirmed the date of the iPhone event, and now iHelpBR has found assets that show the new Apple Watch models are on the way.

The images travel to Apple is about to launch a new ceramic Apple Watch, and a new titanium watch. Apple has sold ceramic watches in the past, but didn't offer a ceramic series 4, and titanium is a wholly new direction for Apple Watch case materials.

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If you recognize the imagery, the Apple Watch firmware plays an animation when the watch is first set up, which mimics the back design of the watch featuring the model name and the iconic 'Designed by Apple in California' signature.

The pictured assets are clearly destined for the 44mm watch screen, but iHelpBR has also found the assets for the 40mm watch. This confirms what we expect; The new watches have the same chassis size as the Series 4 lineup.

At the start of the year, reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will launch a new ceramic Apple Watch this year, and these assets will be back up sincerely.

Apple debuted the ceramic Apple Watch Edition line with the Series 2, offering it a white color. For the Series 3 generation, Apple solds a gray ceramic colorway too. For the Series 4, the ceramic was removed from the lineup completely.

And now it appears to be making a comeback, along with a brand new titanium casing. Apple has really used titanium in any of its recent products, except for the just-released Apple Card: the physical swipe card is made of titanium. Maybe Apple thinks titanium is back in fashion, after years of glass and aluminum alloys.

It wouldn't be clear if the stainless steel casing would replaced by titanium, or offered near it. Presumably, the low-end aluminum watch will continue to be offered for cost reasons.

The question is, though, are these new watches a general leap – the Apple Watch Series 5 – or just new color and case options for the existing Apple Watch Series 4 models. It's possible that the internal components of the watch are constantly changing, and Apple is just mixing up the colors for the holiday season. Unfortunately, these assets do not tell us either way.

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