Saturday , July 2 2022

With the launch of the space rocket launched, NASA & Nbsp; & nbsp; the sky will shine & # 39;


NASA's space program, NASA, has been deployed to the International Space Station.

The Wops mid-Atlantic regional spaceport will begin on Friday, with the North Grammany Rocket and Sign's Cargo spacecraft on the East Coast Residency. The majority of the East Coast will be visible if the Solar System is clear, Facebook said in a Facebook post.

Universal Cygnus cargo handcrafted at 7,500 pounds of groceries, hardware and research.

NASA's Park Solar Probes Record, Closet Spacecraft of the Sun

From the board's scientific experiments, the universe will explore the design of the design. Another Parkinson's disease will study the disease. Long-range missions include sustainable construction and repair of plastic materials.

Launching Center 4:23 a.m. EST opens on Friday. NASA initially planned to launch the rocket 24 hours ago, but it was again pushed down due to adverse weather conditions.

Today's volleyball race is expected to be less than 90% for weather forecasts from 15 November. Heavy clouds, weakened climate, and low cloud are all included, "said Northtre Grillman," heavy rainfall (1-2 inches) high winds (45-50 miles) are expected. "

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The weather will still affect the upcoming speed on Friday. The forecast for the Met department is likely to fall on Friday morning. The launch of the workshop will resume on Saturday evening.

"The Saturday morning showcases with favorable conditions on the east coast and east coast, which provide a strong wind and clear weather in the sky," said Northtrew Grimmann. On Thursday a warning warned that the possibility of influencing the Vallop area Thursday led to a strong coalition in Bermuda. Heavy rains are heavy rains and heavy rains in the early hours of Saturday.

The first Space Shuttle Mission was launched on October 11 after the Russian Soyuz rocket launch. The Russian Space Investigation conducted a two minutes after the rocket was launched.

Socialist rocket flops in Russia

After the launch of the Beyoncor Cosmodrome, NASA astronaut Nikkei and Russian cosmonaut Alexi Ovich fled dramatically.

On Friday and Russia, ISS in its own rescue operation will take over.

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