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? Audio Pro Announces Anniversary Version of Its Beautiful, Powerful, Exclusive, Expensive Wireless Speaker


November 17, 2018

The best quality speaker system, A40 audio pro, has been announced. Despite its compact designs, it is also possible to hear the sound from the highest base and the highest trade. To get a high quality sound from such a small speaker, complete technology for beauty systems, exclusive materials and premium components should be used. A 40 in two elite comprising two exterior tumors and a medial radial BMR. Two elements with long term and lower bottom are aligned with two unusual radials on both sides.

The goal of the A40 is to create a simpler and simpler speaker that will be fully visible on a table or in your home window, with a high-range sound that can be further boosted and better, says director Jens Henrickne, marketing and global sales for audio pro.

The aluminum frame of the speaker is designed with A40. Setting up the volume and adjusting the source, and more than five radio shortcuts that can be programmed with a radio channel or a Playlist on Spotify are also placed with buttons in the upper part of the frame.

A40 can be used as part of a multimedia system for a WiFi network and Bluetooth will be used without the wireless network. You also have an AUX inputs to connect with a cable. The audioprocess application can control A40 with a smartphone or tablet (IOS / Android), where you can control the sound of the Amazon Alex.

Price and availability: In November 2018, a small number of copies and retailers available at a retail price of $ 1280 at audiopro.com.

Origin: The Audio Pro is an existing JubileeMandellen A40 – Audio Pro

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