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25 Best Problems Under 25 Years


This year, the list of best players under the age of 25 was a bit shaky at the top for a season in the creation of the era.

Cody Bellinger took this group by storm. We know it was good, but we did not know that it was so good, and we did not expect it to be on top of that list.

By 2019, they are 24 years or less, any player who has not yet started 25 on July 1, 2019.

1. Cody Bellinger (age 23): I did not see that – and I was probably very high in Belling – in the last five years it was my top five overall. Bellinger did not expect to become a big contact hitter. I thought we have passports, homers, strikes, initially skilled defense or very good protection in the middle, but yes, strikouts.

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He has already passed the strike rate halfway from 2017 to 2019 (so far). It has been almost out of hand against left-handed pitchers (the line of .226 / .306 / .376 in 2018) against the left-wing (.355 / .460) against "Katie-Bar-door" (caution). / 720 this year). One wonder if the 2017 World Series will play differently, this year the version of Bollinger was in lineup of Los Angeles Dodgers.

2. Ronald Acqua Junior (21): Atlanta is believed that last year the Christian will not be separated from Acaion in the Yalechin business, and even though Yelich has become a powerful superstar, general manager Alex Anthopos had to feel good about the decision. In the year 2018, the number one potential act, the first of the 190 career sports, creates 6.7 FW, gradually it takes center field (as it should be) in Atlanta, and in the second year has become more disciplined on the plate. Main league

3. Fernando Tatis Junior (20): Tatas, my first number in this season is possible, he has exceeded the expectations against me with the WAR / 500 PA foundation, among others aged 24 and under, the las majors are built for the second. He has an average of 427 (the average batting average in the bat), which can not be sustained, but he has a strong record already in his selection on the plate, and he is one of the fewest players at the age of 20. Years

4. Carlos Correa (24): Correa should be at the top of the list, is not it? An old general number 1, the former potential in the top three, one player who made a 6 consecutive season before committing 24 … but it seems that he will not be healthy, in 2019 with the possibility of batting Title will not qualify for

5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (20): Baby Vladimir's career did not start with the expectations of Toronto's Blue Jazz fans. Do you remember surprising pre-season articles about the projection systems that make him the top-20 player in the game? But that would be good, and its batting ball indicates that it's already good, it only has some bad luck with the balls in the same balls and it often hits the ball on the ground. However, it is expected in one game of the game, which is shown to be less than the conservation average of the third.

6. Galer Torres (22): Shakti expressed surprise to me, however, the way she is flying with MLB Baseball, I feel that when a good hitter does not connect more than 20 home runs every year, I will be surprised. Torres affects average and hard, drywalline contact; She understands the strike zone; He also performed well while capturing the shortstops by Gregorius Dedi. I think its obp has more advantages and would not be surprised if it became a hitter, which attracts 75 passports in a year and still does what it does.

7. Rafael Devers (22): Vendors do not compete with average and some power at the age of 22 only, but the strike rate is among the 78 American league hitters in the 23rd position. Here are the strengths of 30 homes. Well, that does not mean what that means, but it has a large raw power and has scratched the surface hardly. He has improved a lot in the defense on the third base, and I maintain that I have done the first, so that he can stay there.

8. Juan Soto (20): This is a completely arbitrary ending point, but I have fun to see: After 17th May, Soto.380 / .453 / .643, with 17 walks and 150 plate views are only 23 strikouts. Now in his career. There are 189 games with .404 obp, and I think he's really improving.

9. Walker Bühler (24): I do not think Buhhler is secret since last October, but this year he rarely runs with someone, 91-1 in the innings there are only 13 free passports and two of them are believed to be half-deliberate (to fill the foundation after a wild pitch, one stolen After support). In any case, that kind of control is not fair with average or more than three publications. If you can maintain a full starter workload, you can win the Cy Young award at any time.

10. Pete Alonso (24): Alonso is on track to hit about 50 home runs this year, which will always place him in the top three for Rookie's home run; Only two hookahs in the season have defeated 40 Homers, Aron Judge (52) and Mark McGuarer (49). I believe that he is not a coincidence that he has played in all three years, but even though he was all more powerful. If he was an average defender at the beginning, then Alonso would be more on this list, but it is not.

11. Shoh Oht (24): Over a year in Ohtani's MLB career, do we really know what it is? It has great power, it runs very well and 10 minutes on wheezing is very effective at the beginning, it is enough to have a 6-war compound here, but it is recovering from Tommy John's surgery and probably not the next year and still complete. Do not have time. My friend has commented a few times that if Los Angeles Angels is better to work with an Iowa, and I'm thinking that we have some data that shows some adjustments on the board for more contact. Is doing

12. Dominic Smith (24): When I said that the TARIS WAR / 500 plate is built for the third in appearance, do you think that the player Smith who was involved with Smith was Smith? The first team has been successful in playing a very restricted time, because Alonso could not be meeting when New York Mats comes round twice a week, but I think Smith has argued for another team to acquire and play regularly. The first base, as it showed discipline in the dish, is very improved and it comes in power more often.

13. Lukas Gioro (24): It was a dreadful way for stardom, but GioLito seems to be there now, thanks to a short step with this hand that can be repeated more easily, better change and total health. It has thrown 65.5% strikes this year for more than 60% in 2018.

14. Yuan Moncada (24): Probably what Monctada is going to be possible, unless there is no major change in its swing – a very difficult contact connects with high strike rates. Behind David Dahl (inspired by field field) and Brandon Lowe, he is ranked third in the BBB this year, because something comes … but probably not a ton, while Moncada is approaching it is not weak .

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According to MLB's baseball client, the expected BABIP obtained from the 2013 stackcast is close to the true BABIP of its .387. At the moment when Chicago White Sox acquired Moncada, I wrote that it was "positive second the second poor who became the average rescuers in a third part." After two years of bad defense on the second base, Monkada is now at number three, and in the half season it seems that this is his home.

15. Ozzy Albiez (22): Overlays focused on a friendly agreement for team signing on albebs, but we should talk more about how much improvements on the plate, working more efficiently, and less about throwing the threshold in that area, to contact more when it Zone extends. And it's only 22 years old.

16. Carson Kelly (24): Kelly is only required to play. Now he is gaining that opportunity, he is taking full advantage of it, to put the ball in the game more than before, to achieve shippings and to put them well and to make up 36% of potential base thieves. I think he is a disciplined hitter, but keep in mind that the average number of his season has been helped by the eighth batting in most of the season in the Arizona lineup.

17. German Marks (24): Marques is a real open level that is practically above the average and special level for the last year, it is experiencing success despite not having a dynamic change with a useless curve, which has made it very difficult for the opponents, the left-hander I know that Colorado Rocky Playoffs To enter the race; But if they are difficult in July, they can get a worthy robbery in the exchange of mercus, which will be the best available starter and three years of age under the control of the team before becoming eligible for the free agency.

18. Chris Paddock (23): Padkas has demonstrated plus level dominance which reaches 97 miles per hour, and possibly a destructive change of motion with a rating of 70, and I can guarantee that this is a small number, certainly enough to be better than breaking launch. Acceptable, his excellent performance has been helped by the Paradise Stadium; However, he has a lot of quality and I think that due to the exception of his change, without any significant improvement in his third pitching, the number of rotations can be a 2 starter.

19. Mike Sorokou (21): If he is healthy, Sorok is the 24-year-old junior pitcher in all the baseballs (who pulls Bewler and Gioro out of the contest). It has a tremendous straight line with two seams, due to ground balls and life, which made this pitching difficult for the right-hand side of its slider. Unfortunately, it seems that I can not be healthy: for two months since the last two years she has been absent due to uncomfortable in her shoulder and is currently under the condition of "day of the day" due to stress in her shoulder.

20. Adalberto Mandesi (23): I think this is a very positive image or a model might become a player: the level of security, plus-plus speed, plus value added as a base runner, he does not have the power and its speed helps him, so that BBBI is not high one To make a few hits of the year Simply, he's not a disciplined batsman and he's never been there.

21. Nick Senezel (23): Due to injuries, Sanzell's early start was delayed and so far, he showed solid on the plate, a little more than expected; However, considering the kind of backing he has, he has many strengths. It's been a little below average in the mid-field and I have often said that this condition spoils its defensive skills in the box; However, at least it's alignment every day.

22. Andrew Benedicti (24): Benintendi only qualifies for current listing for the current five days; On July 6 will be 25. He's been a good player; However, I hope to see greatness on their part and I think Boston Red Sox will also show the show's power over the past one and a half years when the Golden Spikes winner is selected in the 2015 draft. Creates a strong contact and puts the ball through the air. However, there are more than two hundredths of 20 homer's 40 doubles; However, these people seem to have been a slugger with 20 people these days. He is still a tough stubborn batsman who often puts the ball in play and adds value to the defense, so that I for the last time involved in the power of rebellion for the last time.

23. Alloy Jimenez (22): Although 22 years have been affected by injuries this year, Gymnas is still a case of launch in place of concrete production, in which power is the only part of its game, which can go mainly to the first half of the season. He was always a more disciplined hitter in the small league, and eventually he would be back; However, their defenses could be below average, maybe enough to put them in second place. I still believe that it's OBP Will end with over 300 home runs and over 30 home runs, which it will play at any place.

24 Austin Meadows (24): Meadows, one of the players who came back to Tampa Bay in the trade for Chris Archer, started a good start in the season this year, and after two years, his power and art seems to be hit on power. Injuries and swings that ended the power reduction and combined the ground ball. However, in the months of April and May (May .354 / .431 / .673, 12 HR), the product we saw in part of the Meadows is an imbalance, the version we have seen so far in June (.209 / .77 / .326, 0 HR to May 28) Feels very far from extreme to extreme. મને લાગે છે કે તે થોડો સમય માટે સરેરાશ કરતાં નિયમિત ખેલાડી બનશે, જો તે વધુ વખત તેની શક્તિનો ઉપયોગ કરે તો તે ઝડપ વધારશે.

25. જેક ફ્લાહર્ટી (23): ફ્લાહર્ટી માટે અત્યાર સુધી તે વધુ જટિલ 2019 રહ્યું છે, જો કે તેનો ભાગ વિશિષ્ટ છટાઓના કારણે છે (તેના ઘરના ઘરની તુલનામાં તે વધુ જોખમી છે જે તેના પ્રોફાઇલમાં પેચરથી અપેક્ષિત છે) અને આંશિક રીતે વધુ કાયમી સમસ્યાઓ (તે મજબૂત સંપર્ક અને વધુ રેખાઓ માટે પરવાનગી આપે છે). તે પ્રભુત્વ ધરાવતો માણસ છે જેણે કંટ્રોલ ગુમાવ્યો છે પરંતુ તેના શુદ્ધ પ્રદર્શનને જાળવી રાખે છે અને મોટાભાગના મુખ્ય લીગ શરુ કરતાં જુવાન છે: પાછલા વર્ષ દરમિયાન, 23 વર્ષ સુધીની મહત્તમ વય સાથે ફક્ત બે અન્ય pitchhers વધુ મુક્ત થયા. એપિસોડ્સ કે ફ્લાહર્ટી અને માર્કિઝ અને ગિઓલિટો બંને તે સૂચિ પર છે. મને લાગે છે કે ફ્લાહર્ટી 2018 ની સપાટી પર પાછો ફર્યો અને તે સારો સમય માટે મધ્યવર્તી રોટેશન પોઝિશન્સમાં સ્ટાર્ટર તરીકે પતાવટ કરશે.

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