Wednesday , June 23 2021

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A new scientist has discovered a new star, the nature of the light flashes deadly, and it looks like & # 39; Indicates full. A pre-order of arxising portal of research on the discovered star called VVV-WIT-07 has been published.

When data from the Whiskey variable program was tested, astronomers had been warned that the core of the Milky Way had been studied and the supernovae and the stars quickly erupted. Scientists have the observations of VVV-W770 from 2010 to 2018.

In these years, if the star's brightness does not decrease and decrease, it will reach up to 80% on certain occasions.

The astrologer Roberto Sato from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Florianapolis, Brazil, said: "We do not know what it is," says Science News.

Scientists agree that a VVV-wit-077 can sometimes produce a rotating rotation cycle. But Saeto and his colleagues also need further observations to determine what the real reason for these delays.

The behavior of this object is similar to another shining star, known as Tabby (KIC 8462852), which has made major changes in 22% increase. On the theory of strange darkness, there was one who suggested the existence of a mega-structure as an alien who was surrounded by a star.

However, an investigation by 2018 will make changes in light on KIC 8462852 to curb some wavelengths of light and prevent the blockage of massive objects.

In addition, there is another flashing star J1407, the behavior is more with VVV-WIT-07. This star is attacked by 95% occasionally, as discovered in 2012 by astronomer Eric Mammace of the Rochester University in New York. Astronomers estimate that astronomers have a planetary orbital astronomer that occasionally disappears from the star's orbit.

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