Tuesday , January 31 2023

400 kW Yaracu – The beginning of the weeds of Tabzezo


Corpoelec gave information through its Twitter account, starting on Saturday, June 29, 2, 400 Kiev (Yaracu – Tablazo) on line 2.

In order to give credibility to the electrical system, they have started the work of pica and pruning in N-2 to 400 Kiarakaya-Tablaz line, suggested to the corporation in a tweet.

Corollack added that "these damage points will be reduced with transmission lines" and "part of the action taken by Bolivian government to freeze the electric system" with these maintenance tasks.

Zulia attended the meeting with Governor of State, Omer Prato, Regional Coordinator of Coropolac, Santiago Arrieta and other members of the Electrical Affairs team.

Prato said in Wednesday's report on Wednesday, June 26 that the "400 ki transmission line" was interrupted by Yaraku-El Tablazo, which caused some areas of Maracaibo to report lightning for a long time in normal electricity.

However, the regional president said that on Tuesday, June 25th, the problem can be solved.

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