Sunday , May 22 2022

¿70 dólares por barril en 2019? El precio del petróleo sube tras el 'viernes negro'


Los precios del petróleo aumentaron este lunes más de un 2%, because of which he is a youngest person, he has a lot of money in his new country.

  • Los futuros del crudo brent sumaron 1,68 dollars, which is 60,48 dollars in total, which is 2,8%
  • According to the deal, WTI registrar is a crew of 2,4%, o 1,21 dollars, and 51,63 dellares by barril.

The first manera, the fate of the former relative of the former president su nivel más bajo desde octubre de 2017, the mediocre creux of an ancient expanse of the region. El Brent has a celerity of 58,41 dellays by barril, which is currently WTI at 50,15 dellares.

No obstacle, from the lunes of this lunes, the carrier is able to make an inventory of eccentric and new inventions in the form of an auction of art, a production and production of Saudi Arabia, which is 11,1 or 11,3 billion barriles por dia en noviembre, según reveló una fuente de industri, citada por Reuters.

70 dólares por barril en 2019

In the process of developing and selling the raw materials of the world, it is the most advanced global producer of petrochemicals (OPEP), the production of the finished product, the 6th of December.

Here, Goldman Sachs pronounced this year's G20 special session Catalizador para a crecimiento de precios de las materias primas, that is, the OPEP and the other parts of the country, which are known to be a recuperative merchandise.

"If you do not have a cremation that precios with Brent, you have only one hundred dollars, which is just about $ 59," said Goldman, who has a reputation for being the best of the 70 million dollars in the year 2019.

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