Saturday , June 10 2023

A four-month-old baby was rescued from her home


The young man was handed over to his grandmother.

Upata.- A four-month-old baby kidnapping was reported on Monday morning in the San Antonio region.

Two unknown women arrived at Joseph's home and arrived at the home of Joel Hernandez to take the kid.

When they learned what had happened, the parents went to the authorities to find out where the child was.

Then, mixed commissions began looking for the newborn. The Bolivian National Guard (GNB), Bolivar State Police (PEI), Pearl Municipality Police and Scientific Criminal Investigations Unit (CICPC) were also present.

After hours of kidnapping, officers in the traffic and intelligence work safely delivered the child. At noon, the body was found in a Roma Gallagios Avenue in Santo Domingo neighborhood. There they captured the Raptors with the baby.

The four-month-old pir municipality handed over to Mayor Eussebeth Garcia's grandmother.

Even if he is in full health care, the child will continue to inspect the body according to the security body.

Family members are kidnapped

According to the information provided by the authorities, one of the authors of the material was the child's premium.

The officials feel that they have time to study family movements.

The aim of the time and place of access was the main entry for the residence. So at least the supervisors and criminals did.

Women's second child stole The authorities think the baby is "discussed".

On the other hand, the child's parents will probably "have a purchasing power," but the authorities have not confirmed this version.


Two women were arrested after the baby's redemption. Cousin, 17 years old

If a four-month-old child is involved in kidnapping, it is unknown.

The case will take over the investigation and other responsible parties will be found.

They assure that it is a wonderful and "confidential" inquiry. Yet they dedicate themselves to find other parties responsible.

On the other hand, the children's parents took the same statements. The relatives are being held at the chairs of the Koviervard headquarters.

The public ministry had been informed about the incident.

The prosecutor is expected to ensure the efficiency of the case in the next hour.

Include others

National Anti-Exportance and Kidnap Commando (KONAS) officials continue to investigate.

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